Zero/Six Consulting, LLC is a multifaceted professional services company specializing in the commissioning of high-performance buildings.

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First Quarter 2023

Off and running, to say the least | The first quarter of 2023 has us running full...


First Quarter 2022

Cool, Not Cool | I guess everyone who has had to preside over many...

Second Quarter 2022

Full Trim | The second quarter has come and gone, and...

Third Quarter 2022

Changing Seasons | The beginning of fall means different things to...

Fourth Quarter 2022

Let’s Sail | Although Zero/Six finished 2022 strong, it seems like we spent ...


First Quarter 2021

What a year. From pandemics to social unrest. Both made me sick to...

Second Quarter 2021

If springtime is the time for new life then how appropriate has...

Third Quarter 2021

As we wrap up the 3rd quarter and look forward to the 4th, I cannot say the view ...

Fourth Quarter 2021

I am often asked how Zero/Six got its name. A lot of times...


March 2019

Ask our experts: Building Envelope Maintenance ...

Third Quarter 2019

Storm season is the roof drain awareness season ..

Fourth Quarter 2019

A Historic Collaborative Effort | The restoraon of St. Mary’s Cathedral...


February 2018

Ask Our Experts:
Stormwater Authority ...

June 2018

A Message from Our CEO: Celebrating 15 Years

August 2018

A Message from Our CEO: My Tenure as a Stucco Nerd


January 2017

Commissioning the Exterior Building Envelope ...

September 2017

Ask our Experts: Better Building Envelopes Part II ...

February 2017

"The Washboard Effect" of torched applied roofing...

November 2017

Designing Wind Resistant Complex Facades...

March 2017

Ask Our Experts: Better Building Envelopes

June 2017

Construction Maintenance & Cleaning of High-Performing ...

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First Quarter 2022

Cool, Not Cool...

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Second Quarter 2022

Full Trim...

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Third Quarter 2022

Changing Seasons...

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Fourth Quarter 2022

Let’s Sail...

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