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Stormwater Engineering Management Services

Z6 Commissioning’s Stormwater Engineering – Identifying the risk, Managing the response.

Any doubts as to the vital importance of Stormwater Management would quickly evaporate after engaging in a conversation with anyone who experienced the effects of Hurricane Harvey first hand. Z6 Commissioning’s Stormwater Authority Division was established to mitigate the detrimental effects of flood and destructive water levels and surges. From small site-specific projects to county or region-wide assessments, Z6 Commissioning is the authority for all aspects of stormwater management.

Stormwater Engineering

  • Flood Mitigation Operations (planning, design, construction oversight)
  • Wet and Dry Flood Proofing (FEMA)

Our stormwater engineering services encompass the spectrum of initial project conception to post-event analysis. Initial project conception addresses the flood risk mitigation needs during the planning phase of the project. We work closely with clients to establish their tolerable risks to flood damage. Next, we provide a project scope that clearly defines the flood mitigation features (both structural and non-structural), the anticipated project budget, and potential impacts to current operations during construction, operation and maintenance. This phase incorporates close coordination with the client, including users and operations personnel, to secure the best overall flood risk mitigation system for the best value.

Following any stormwater event, our extensive forensic investigation includes onsite damage assessment, “as-built” drawing reviews, and hydraulic modeling, structural engineering and geotechnical engineering reviews as needed, along with client interviews to understand operations and listen to users that have event-specific information. This post-event analysis is a vital step in the flood mitigation operation; the information gathered forms the foundation for developing the flood mitigation features. Once the post-event analysis is complete, we encourage all of our clients to continue into the project conception phase to establish the tolerable risks of any proposed flood mitigation plan.

Project Management

Start to finish project coordination.

Our project management services range from small single-use sites with one owner and one design team to large regional sites with multiple stakeholders and design teams. As project manager, our first and foremost responsibility is to ensure the best outcome with the best value for our client. Our project management services primarily focus on general civil construction from project planning to project closeout. Past projects have undertaken issues of flood control, channels, levees, floodwalls, dams, flood mitigation operations, wet flood proofing, dry flood proofing, navigation channels, dredge material disposal, geotechnical engineering, and structural engineering issues.

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Foundation investigation oversight
  • Earthen structure design (dams, levees, flood control channels, shallow and deep draft navigation channels, harbors and other navigation features)
  • General civil construction activities (shallow foundations and general site work oversight)

Our geotechnical engineering services focus on plan formulation, field investigation oversight, and construction oversight. We provide owner agent services to clients to ensure the project scope, design, and construction are beneficial investments. We work closely with clients to verify the proposed construction is commensurate with their needs, budget, and timeframe. We aid clients in evaluating, selecting and overseeing design firm proposals and provide design reviews to ensure they receives the best value design for their needs. Our construction oversight services include daily inspections for contract compliance, third-party materials testing, progress reviews, and dispute resolution.

Structural Engineering

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