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Pushing the Envelope

First Quarter –  2022

Cool, Not Cool

I guess everyone who has had to preside over many meetings has some hokey way of bringing the “table” into the meeting, a way to get audience participation if you will. I have mine. When we have leadership meetings at Z6 Coltzer I will randomly (and without warning) call on someone to tell me something cool that is going on at our companies. Immediately after that, I will call on someone else and ask them to tell me about something that is ABSOLUTELY not cool. Sometimes we will go around the entire table until everyone has had a chance to “play.” We call it playing the “Cool, Not Cool” game, and the idea is all about preserving a culture at our companies that is really…well, cool.


New Partnership with Texas A&M Trains Next Generation of Envelope Commissioning Leaders

We are thrilled to announce that we have established a partnership with Texas A&M University to provide a curriculum program called “Building Envelope Commissioning for Leaders.” This program is one of the first and most advanced in the country.

Learn more about this exciting partnership and how we are helping to train a new generation of leaders in the space.

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From Risk to Resilience: Embrace BECx for Effective Risk Management

Over the week of January 9th, 2023, Zero/Six presented the BECx as Risk Management training program at the Texas A&M University Rellis Campus, where there was widespread participation from 19 attendees representing various professions and disciplines within the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry.

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