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Texas Windstorm Inspection and Certification

Hurricanes and tropical storms are causing millions of dollars in wind and water damage on the Gulf Coast – can your property weather the storm? Z6 Consulting’s firm, which is specialized in windstorm engineering & stormwater resistant construction that ensures your property meets the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) requirements and remains eligible for inexpensive insurance coverage. Our TDI appointed Texas-licensed engineers examine the materials and installation methods used on your property to certify that it will be capable of resisting damage from severe weather.

Services for Residential Homes

  • Design for site drainage and structural contract documents
  • Component and cladding product review and recommendations to meet TDI requirements
  • Inspections to certify the installation and complete the process for TDI compliance

Services for Commercial and Institutional Buildings

  • Review of Construction Documents and Specifications
  • Submittal review for sealed shop drawings and calculations, or test reports and product evaluations for wind load analysis and all components and cladding, including:
    • Steel/concrete structure
    • Framing
    • Wall cladding assemblies
    • Louvers
    • Doors
    • Roofing and roof-related metal
    • Rooftop equipment
    • Miscellaneous (signage, cameras, lights, etc.)
  • Preconstruction meeting to review accepted shop drawings, coordinate inspections, and ensure compliance
  • Site visits to inspect installation and confirm compliance with contract documents and accepted submittals
  • Review of other entities inspection reports related to structure

Our Windstorm Inspections verify compliance with the design plans, the local Building Department and local building codes to provide greater protection during hurricane and other severe weather events.

After completion of the survey, our clients receive a final TDI summary and Certificate of Compliance (WPI-8). This certifies that the project is eligible for windstorm insurance through the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA)

Both commercial and residential sectors are potentially eligible for insurance premium discounts or credits from your insurance company. Submit your windstorm inspection report from Z6 Consulting and start saving!

Helpful Links

Texas Department of Insurance (TDI)
Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA)

Meet Our TDI Appointed Engineers

Jeff Bishop Texas Windstorm Inspection Certification

Jeff Bishop, P.E., LEED Green Associate

Quality Control Manager

Jeff is a licensed Architectural Engineer who specializes in the inspection and testing of fenestration, waterproofing and roofing system products and installation. Jeff expanded on his education in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas by mastering CADD drafting, structural analysis/design and onsite quality control inspections. Jeff’s education and field experience created an aggregate of practical knowledge that drew him into the field of building envelope testing. Jeff’s insight and specialization proved to be a vital asset in gaining a coveted ISO/IEC accreditation for the testing laboratory and field operations. Jeff’s professional license in Architectural Engineering and his grasp of the associated technical requirements gained him the designation as the Z6 Quality Control Manager. Jeff’s technical experience ensures the Z6 team complies with the ISO/IEC 17025 testing standards too accurately, objectively and impartially report on the integrity of building materials and products intended to satisfy the owner’s requirements.

Jeff’s insight and specialization proved to be a vital asset in gaining a coveted ISO/IEC accreditation for the testing laboratory and field operations.

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