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Pushing the Envelope

First Quarter –  2021


What a year. From pandemics to social unrest. Both made me sick to watch. We saw science surrounded in controversy to the point it left plastic straws in the dust…and watched as mistrust of government moved to the gold standard. It all created so much division, uncertainty, and noise. With all the distractions, it’s easy to lose focus.

As a company we recruit talented people who fit our culture and make up a good team, yet are strong and passionate enough to meet the diverse needs of our client-base….even when the noise attempts to distract us.

This storm we all weathered is uniquely different and requires a higher level of respect. Should we be scared? No. But we are focused to surpass our client expectations. Focused on blocking out the noise, and not generating any from our side.

With that said, welcome to our first digital newsletter. We hope it to be a source of high value and no noise. Please let us know if there is something you would like us to cover in
future editions.


What is Blower Door Testing and How Can It Help?

Did you know: The main inefficiency in the building envelope is air leakage. Find out how Z6 can find and correct air leaks with blower door testing so you can reach your building performance goals.


Windstorm Inspection
Can Help

Quick bits

Z6 increases office and lab space with new Dickinson office. Watch a drone video and read more.

Z6 celebrates 18 years this month. Happy Birthday to us. We are now legally considered an adult.

We are going the extra mile to protect employees and clients during the pandemic? Read More.

2020 set a new record with 22 weather-related events, shattering the previous record of 16 in 2011 and 2017.*

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