Zero/Six Consulting, LLC is a multifaceted professional services company specializing in the commissioning of high-performance buildings.

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Safety Program

Our diversity of field services demands an extensive safety program that includes fall protection training, vertical access training, aerial lift training (scaffold, swing stage, man lift) and substance abuse testing. Testing team members have at minimum OSHA 10 certification.

Z6 assesses its safety performance in numerous ways to evaluate progress toward the goal of zero incidents and to establish plans for continuous improvement. Z6 maintains a central database for collecting data about all incidents. An integral part of this effort is the proper creation, use and storage of safety records. Continual monitoring and analysis of the data identifies trends or issues that must be addressed. Z6 conducts regular audits and assessments at each location to measure the level of compliance with the Safety Management System and standards. These audits identify gaps or systemic issues, and assist sites in addressing them. Audits and assessments identify successes and best practices that can be shared with other locations, and are a tool for continuous improvement. It is company policy that accident prevention be a prime concern of all employees. This includes the safety and well being of our employees, subcontractors, and clients, as well as the prevention of wasteful, inefficient operations, and damage to property and equipment.