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Pushing the Envelope

Second Quarter –  2022

Full Trim

The second quarter has come and gone, and I still cannot believe we are halfway through 2022. Maybe it is an age-related memory thing as I turned sixty back in April. I am also buying into that whole “age is just a number” thing now (Is sixty the new thirty??).
Two old sayings might best explain the real story behind this time-lapse. The first saying is that “calm seas do not make a seasoned sailor.” The first two quarters of 2022 have been challenging for Zero/Six. Along with the usual course of doing business during those months, we also became the sole owner of a new education and training business (long story over stiff drinks) .

When Buildings Fail: How Forensic Architecture Can Become the CSI of a Building

Since humans first created shelter in caves 300,000 years ago, design and construction failures have existed. What we have now that didn’t exist before the 20th century is the amalgamation of two branches of science involving detection and investigation, known as Forensic Architecture.
In this article, we define what Forensic Architects do and highlight their critical impact during the pre and post-stages of construction to prevent structural damage or collapse. 

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Out and About

We are chasing dreams and having good fun! The vibrant spirit of Z6 Consulting lives on as we come together to support community events and make memorable moments during our spirited happy hours.

Plus, meet our talented team and their exciting ventures. From rocking the stage to owning trendy establishments!

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Project Spotlight: St Johns Indoor Range and Training Facility

At every stage of a building’s life cycle, there is the potential for a building to undergo standard wear and tear. Strong winds, heavy rains, excessive heat, and other conditions can cause cracks to form, sealants to tear or delaminate, and more. Over time these issues can lead to building

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Upcoming NABCTA Courses

Register today for the first module in a four-part series geared toward developing Building Envelope Risk Managers.

The BECx as Risk Management course targets Building Envelope Commissioning managers and provides them with the industry’s most current training and education on the BECx process while also providing hands-on training for standard tests performed on the building envelope.

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