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Building Envelope Architecture

Plans are nothing; planning is everything.
–Dwight D. Eisenhower

Knowing what you want to build and knowing that what you want to build will last are not the same thing. Zero/Six plans for one thing very well, “keeping the outside out.” Nothing improves a buildings efficiency and lasting endurance more than planning the envelope well. Having consulted on more than 450 projects, our reputation for undertaking challenging and multifaceted infrastructures has enabled us to identify threats, understand our client’s needs and to achieve optimal envelope efficiency by providing architectural solutions that offer innovative thinking and the latest technology for the future of your building construction project.

Zero/Six  is an architect-owned and architect-managed envelope consultancy firm. Our approach to building envelope is to synthesize all gathered field information, all of our knowledge of building envelope systems, all work produced by our consultants, and all of the goals of our clients to produce deliverables that are accurate, appropriate, and perfect. Zero/Six building designs start at the field inspection and forensic investigation phase; our inspectors have knowledge of all building envelope components and assemblies from many years of involvement in facility assessments of new and existing buildings. This knowledge allows us to produce reports with specific recommendations that our design staff can use to produce a design. Our team produces shop drawing quality construction documents and customized design specifications based upon our knowledge of the exterior envelope. After the deliverables are completed they are checked then reviewed, modified, and sealed by our Principal in Charge. We model our design process off of three things—quality, systems selection, and cost to client.

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Architectural Consulting Services

  • As-Built Drawings
  • Planning

  • Restoration/Renovation
  • Master Plan Review

  • Historic Preservation

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