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The annual worldwide cost of corrosion. That’s 3-4% of GDP of industrialized nations.

Building Envelope Thermal & Moisture Analysis Services

There are other exterior envelope consultants that perform design review, but Zero/Six is one of the only ones that take it a step further and include analytical modeling in their design review. There is no physical test that can predict the effects of heat and moisture transport in an untested assembly. However, through Building Envelope Thermal & Moisture Analysis, Zero/Six can accurately model each construction by factoring in the bulk density, permeability, thermal conductivity, built-in moisture, specific heat capacity, color, and porosity of all material found in the assembly. Interior climate HVAC systems are calculated per the ASHRAE’s heat balance transfer method and Exterior climates are taken from years of weather data taken from the site’s local airport. The entire process is tested per ASHRAE standard 160.

Zero/Six uses WUFI Pro 5.0, the most powerful simulation technology in the market to calculate the detrimental effects heat and moisture flux through an assembly. We can accurately calculate the degradation of an assembly caused by moisture and heat over the course of many years.

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