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Field Testing Specialist Services for Building Performance

Performance testing on project sites for building exterior wall systems, assemblies and building components

Field Testing is pre-functional testing of various building components far in advance of the installed product to ensure that installed systems interface as intended, and workmanship meets the international standards of performance. It is usually undertaken when certain building materials or procedures are best tested at the construction site.

Building performance testing on envelope system and products and mock-ups at sites can provide critical data before your construction project begins. It allows pre-diagnosis of potential problems, such as air infiltration, structural deflection, water infiltration, thermal transmittance, sound transmittance, and fire resistance. Once known, proactive measures can be undertaken to remedy flaws that will avoid potential risks, project delays and any extra expenditure on building material and labor costs.

Field Testing Specialist Services

We draw on our extensive building envelope commissioning expertise and utilize available accredited resources for problem resolution, or simply to ensure the quality of your products and systems meet the set standards of performance. Before we start our testing on site, we first understand your goals and then apply industry standard field testing protocols and procedures customized to suit your quality control program requirements.  We follow widely recognized standards like ASTM, AAMA, etc., where applicable.

Z6 Consulting is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited for performance testing at our mock-up facility or on project sites for the below tests:

  • Exterior Windows, Doors, Skylights, Curtain Walls
    • Water Leakage / Infiltration – ASTM E1105, ASTM E331, ASTM E547, AAMA 501
    • Air Infiltration – ASTM E283, ASTM E783
    • Water & Air Infiltration – AAMA 502, AAMA 503
    • Deflection / Deglazing – ASTM E330, ASTM E987
  • Roof Systems
    • Roof Uplift Force – ASTM E907, FM Global 1-52
  • Coating Films, Adhesion Bond
    • Adhesion Strength – ASTM D3359, ASTM F842
  • Windows, Sliding Door Assemblies
    • Forced Entry – ASTM F588, ASTM F842

  • Concrete or Clay Tiles
    • Wind / Uplift Resistance – ASTM C1568, ASTM D4541, ASTM E2359 / E2359M
  • Miscellaneous
    • Roofing – ASTM D7877
    • Window Sealant – ASTM C1521
    • Envelope Air Leakage – ASTM E1186
    • Foundation Humidity – ASTM F2170
    • Cladding Moisture Absorption – Rilem Commission 25 / PEM Test Method 1154
    • Field impact sound transmission loss tests and site noise level assessments to meet local, state, or federal noise limits
    • Cleaning tests on various cleaning materials and application methods to ensure the best cleaning results without damaging the building materials
    • Thermal imaging of completed systems

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