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Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

The integration of drones in the AEC industry revolutionizes the development and construction of buildings while increasing public safety.

Zero/Six Consulting’s passion to “Keep the Outside Out” has taken flight for our clients in new and innovative ways. Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), or drones are the newest and most advanced ally in tracking down the gaps in new and existing facilities management and maintenance. Our unmanned aircraft services allow Zero/Six to inspect a window on the 36th floor of a building, or the roof of a historic Galveston mansion while keeping our feet on solid ground below. Drones can access and scope out fragile, hard-to-reach and dangerous sites to efficiently collect real-time data on a building’s envelope systems. Prior to drones, routine inspections required a technician to rappel down the building’s face or walk over fragile roof tiles to access the site in question.  Now, thanks to drone technology, inspecting roofs, windows, and outside walls of buildings can be accomplished without risk to the technician or damage to the structure. This new technology will enhance design capabilities and project surveillance during construction and facilitate planning during repairs and maintenance.

Drones play a vital role in telling a project’s story from construction to completion that affords the ability to conduct mass data collection at a very low cost with a very high level of accuracy. These advancements in technology allow us to identify structural problems and avoid potential safety hazards, ultimately transforming the way projects are designed, coordinated and accessed for our clients.


  • Aerial Surveying (including thermal imaging)
  • Research and Development

  • Aerial Progress Photography and Video
  • 3D Rendering Development

  • Construction Observation and Inspection

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