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The Building Envelope Generation Gap

“The building envelope has become a complex entity that has evolved far beyond the simple task of providing shelter.”

                                                                                         -Bill Coltzer, Jr., AIA, President, Zero/Six Consulting

forensic architecture firmsJust as the last one hundred years has produced generations of people, it has also produced generations of buildings. As with people, buildings of certain eras tend to reflect trends of that era; often times to the point that the building dates itself. These trends can be related to style such as the Art Deco buildings of the twenties; or building material limitations such as those experienced in the forty’s (as a result of World War II), or technical developments such as the widespread use of central air conditioning in the sixties. Architectural style, choice of building materials, technical developments as well as other factors (i.e. safety, energy conservation, etc.) all contribute to, or otherwise influence, the performance of the building envelope. Through generational change, the building envelope has become a complex entity that has evolved far beyond the simple task of providing shelter. More is demanded from the building envelope today than ever before and the process of modifying earlier generations of buildings to perform at today’s standards can be a daunting task. Our forensic and aviation services deliver tools worth a thousand words to assist with building envelope design and construction.

The Zero/Six team takes to the air, land and sea to investigate buildings, spaces, and other environments to resolve conflicts on any specific construction issue. We provide forensic evaluation, along with expert witness, professional testimony and unmanned aircraft services for cases related to design, construction and maintenance deficiencies.


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