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Forensic Architecture

Uncovering Hidden Anomalies, Upholding Structural Excellence and Compliance


Forensic Architecture Expert Witness Firm

“The building envelope has become a complex entity that has evolved far beyond the simple task of providing shelter."

The Building Envelope Generation Gap

Just as the last one hundred years has produced generations of people, it has also produced generations of buildings. As with people, buildings of certain eras tend to reflect trends of that era; often times to the point that the building dates itself. These trends can be related to style such as the Art Deco buildings of the twenties; or building material limitations such as those experienced in the forty’s (as a result of World War II), or technical developments such as the widespread use of central air conditioning in the sixties. Architectural style, choice of building materials, technical developments as well as other factors (i.e. safety, energy conservation, etc.) all contribute to, or otherwise influence, the performance of the building envelope. Through generational change, the building envelope has become a complex entity that has evolved far beyond the simple task of providing shelter. More is demanded from the building envelope today than ever before and the process of modifying earlier generations of buildings to perform at today’s standards can be a daunting task. Our forensic and aviation services deliver tools worth a thousand words to assist with building envelope design and construction.

The Zero/Six team takes to the air, land and sea to investigate buildings, spaces, and other environments to resolve conflicts on any specific construction issue. We provide forensic evaluation, along with expert witness, professional testimony and unmanned aircraft services for cases related to design, construction and maintenance deficiencies.

Comprehensive Project Management

At Zero/Six Consulting, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled project management services. Our seasoned team of professionals works closely with you, ensuring every aspect of the construction phase is executed flawlessly. We are your trusted partners from inception to completion.

Unmatched Construction Expertise

Our construction management expertise is grounded in years of experience and a proven track record of successful project delivery. At Zero/Six, we navigate the complexities of construction with a meticulous eye for detail, ensuring your project stays on time and within budget.

Forensic Architecture

Complexity Unraveled

With a foundation of thorough analysis and expert insight, we facilitate clear communication and equitable solutions, ensuring your project remains on a trajectory of success and compliance.

Dispute Resolution

Delving into the protective shell of your structure, our Building Envelope Analysis service unveils performance insights, ensuring optimal energy efficiency and durability against the elements.

Building Envelope Analysis

With a foundation of thorough analysis, our Expert Testimony service provides authoritative insights and unbiased opinions, aiding in the resolution of complex architectural disputes.

Expert Testimony

Harnessing aerial perspectives, our Unmanned Aircraft Systems service provides comprehensive site assessments, aiding in accurate data collection and insightful analysis.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Illustrating the unseen, our Failure Diagrams service provides clear visual representations of structural deficiencies, aiding in accurate diagnosis and resolution.

Failure Diagrams

Crafting precise visual representations, our Building Diagrams service encapsulates complex architectural details, facilitating clear understanding and accurate project execution.

Building Diagrams

Navigating the financial landscape of your project, our Construction Cost Analysis service provides meticulous budget assessments, ensuring cost-effective project realization.

Construction Cost Analysis

Enhancing visual clarity, our Photoshop Enhanced Photography service provides refined imagery, aiding in accurate analysis and compelling presentations.

Photoshop Enhanced Photography

Unveiling thermal performance, our Thermographic Imaging service provides insightful heat analysis, ensuring optimized energy efficiency and comfort.

Thermographic Imaging

Delving into architectural intricacies, our Forensics service unveils hidden anomalies, ensuring structural integrity and compliance.


Our subsidiary, WH Coltzer, expands our service spectrum, offering a range of specialized consulting services, ensuring comprehensive project support and expertise.

WH Coltzer





Zero/Six's outstanding professionalism, along with their high level of expertise, has consistently equipped our team with the essential resources needed to ensure the successful completion of our projects.

Laura Lara

Senior Project Manager, The University of Texas

Zero/Six has been successfully providing consulting services for projects with the OFPC South Texas Region for over 8 years, I would not hesitate to recommend and consider them for any future endeavors.

Patrick Lew

Senior Project Manager, The University of Texas

Zero/Six's dedicated staff and ongoing contributions significantly enrich our team, ensuring the delivery of top-quality buildings. We wholeheartedly welcome Zero/Six's involvement in any project.

Mark Kimball

Project Manager, The University of Texas

Elevate Your Building Experience With Us


What encompasses Zero/Six's Forensic Architecture services?

Delving beyond the surface to unveil structural truths, our forensic architecture services encompass detailed analysis, expert testimony, and litigation support, ensuring a thorough examination of architectural concerns.

How can Forensic Architecture benefit my project?

Our forensic architecture expertise identifies and addresses hidden design or construction deficiencies, aiding in the resolution of disputes, and ensuring your project adheres to the highest standards of safety and quality.

What tools and technologies are utilized in Zero/Six's Forensic Architecture services?

Employing cutting-edge technologies like 3D scanning and Building Information Modeling (BIM), we provide a thorough, precise analysis, ensuring accurate, actionable insights for every forensic investigation.

How does Zero/Six ensure confidentiality during forensic investigations?

Upholding the utmost confidentiality, we ensure that all findings, reports, and expert testimonies are handled with a stringent level of privacy, fostering a trust-centric, professional environment throughout the investigative process.

What is the process Zero/Six follows for conducting a forensic architecture investigation?

Our process is meticulously crafted, beginning with a comprehensive review of architectural documents, followed by on-site investigations, data collection, and detailed analysis. We collaborate with clients, providing insightful recommendations and expert testimony when needed, ensuring a thorough, results-driven forensic exploration.