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Dynamic Water Testing AAMA 501.1

No Detail Overlooked


Dynamic Water Testing

Our building envelope testing assesses every component in the field, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of your building envelope.

Creating a wind-driven rain simulation, your building will be subjected to with dynamic wind pressure applied from the exterior of the building during water testing. Our building envelope testing strictly adheres to the standards, with the ability and equipment to perform AAMA 501.1. This tests exterior fenestrations and the surrounding detailing for water penetration using a dynamic wind pressure. Zero/Six Consulting is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. With Z6, we create transparent and comprehensive reports that empower the owner, design team, and contractor with the insights required to make informed choices for your new or existing building.

ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory Testing

Zero/Six Consulting operates an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, specializing in dynamic water testing. Using state-of-the-art equipment and adhering to stringent standards, we simulate real-world conditions to evaluate exterior fenestrations and detailing for water penetration. Our transparent and comprehensive reports empower stakeholders with the insights necessary to make informed choices for both new and existing buildings, ensuring structural integrity and longevity.

Transparent Reporting for Informed Choices

At Zero/Six Consulting, transparency is key. Our testing services are accompanied by transparent and comprehensive reports. These reports, generated by our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, provide valuable insights to owners, design teams, and contractors. Armed with this information, stakeholders can confidently make informed choices to enhance the durability and performance of their buildings.





Zero/Six's outstanding professionalism, along with their high level of expertise, has consistently equipped our team with the essential resources needed to ensure the successful completion of our projects.

Laura Lara

Senior Project Manager, The University of Texas

Zero/Six has been successfully providing consulting services for projects with the OFPC South Texas Region for over 8 years, I would not hesitate to recommend and consider them for any future endeavors.

Patrick Lew

Senior Project Manager, The University of Texas

Zero/Six's dedicated staff and ongoing contributions significantly enrich our team, ensuring the delivery of top-quality buildings. We wholeheartedly welcome Zero/Six's involvement in any project.

Mark Kimball

Project Manager, The University of Texas

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How does Zero/Six Consulting ensure adherence to standards during dynamic water testing?

Zero/Six Consulting strictly adheres to standards during dynamic water testing, ensuring that all procedures and equipment meet the requirements of AAMA 501.1.

What is involved in creating wind-driven rain during dynamic water testing?

During dynamic water testing, wind pressure is applied externally to simulate wind-driven rain, assessing the building's response to water penetration.

How does Zero/Six Consulting ensure no detail is overlooked during building envelope testing?

Zero/Six Consulting conducts comprehensive building envelope testing, assessing every component in the field to ensure a thorough evaluation.

Where does Dynamic Water Testing (AAMA 501.1) fall under - Laboratory Testing or Field Testing?

Dynamic Water Testing (AAMA 501.1) falls under Laboratory Testing, not Field Testing.


What is the significance of Zero/Six Consulting being an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory?

Zero/Six Consulting's ISO 17025 accreditation ensures the laboratory's competence in testing and calibration, providing clients with confidence in the accuracy and reliability of results.

Can dynamic water testing by Zero/Six Consulting be performed on both new and existing buildings?

Yes, dynamic water testing by Zero/Six Consulting can be performed on both new and existing buildings to assess their resistance to water penetration under dynamic wind pressure.