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Pushing the Envelope

Second Quarter –  2021


If springtime is the time for new life then how appropriate has this one been? Bars and restaurants are back to capacity, in-person learning resumes at schools, and live crowds are welcome at entertainment venues. But most importantly, all the folks employed by those establishments are back to work! As we slowly progress into our new post-pandemic lives, I still find it hard to believe it’s been more than a year since the world as we knew it changed.

Time truly does fly when you are busy, and the construction industry along the Gulf Coast has stayed active throughout this pandemic period. The challenge has been more related to supporting a safe work environment while maintaining schedules than maintaining “work.”

But the construction industry is used to managing safety and schedules. To the construction world, CV 19 preparations were just another chapter in the already rigorous safety programs developed by the industry over the last few decades. Only hospitals manage safety better than the construction industry. How ironic is that?

As far as schedules go, expectations related to that topic reached ridiculous levels years ago, so this industry is used to delivering the impossible in record time.

Maybe the construction industry has more to offer than just buildings; our processes have been proven and have kept our people safe while keeping the economy alive. Hopefully, the world saw what I saw. It was impressive.

So, add another hoop and set that bad boy on fire. We can handle it!

See y’all next time.


Avoid costly construction litigation using electronic leak detection

Did you know: The roof makes up just 2% of construction costs yet more than 70% of construction litigation stems from water intrusion where roof failures are the culprit?

Electronic Leak Detection can detect water leaks by offering pinpoint accuracy for even the smallest of leaks.

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