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Our full-range of services assists our clients in tackling everyday challenges that arise during the construction process.

Standing tall in the midst of complex projects defined by competitive bids, high risk situations, evolving technologies and increasing environmental efficiency standards is no easy task. Our full-range construction services from conceptual design through construction administration assists our clients in tackling everyday challenges that arise during the construction process. Our expertise helps determine strategic goals and implementation plans that maximize the value within budget limitations, schedule conflicts, environmental concerns, and other factors that occur during the creation and maintenance of facilities. We have addressed these challenges as opportunities to collaborate with our clients and develop creative solutions that often lead to long-term building performance and value.

Zero/Six Consulting brings our clients the right people at the right time to ensure the integrity, quality and performance of complex projects is what remains when the dust settles after construction. Zero/Six does this through performance-driven leadership that delivers real-world, cost-effective solutions and strategic initiatives you can trust throughout the life of your project.