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Building Envelope Commissioning

Z6 Commissioning, LLC is an industry leading testing organization providing ISO accredited building performance testing on project sites and at their laboratory


Our collaboration with strategic partner Z6 Commissioning, LLC (Z6), a licensed engineering firm in the state of Texas (F-18971) and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing agency, can accommodate pre-functional testing of various building components far in advance of the installed product, allowing for pre-diagnosis of potential problems such as air infiltration, structural deflection, water infiltration, thermal transmittance, sound transmittance and fire resistance. Z6 provides comprehensive building envelope inspection and testing services that include building envelope commissioning, field testing, and laboratory mock-ups.

The Z6 team puts the building envelope system to the test to ensure that the installed systems interface as intended and workmanship meets the international stands of performance.

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  • Flood Testing of Waterproofing
  • Wand / Nozzle Testing
  • Chamber Testing
  • Forced Entry
  • Evasive Moisture Testing
  • Roof Membrane Uplift Resistance Testing
  • Static Pressure Water Infiltration Testing
  • Weep Testing of Cavity Wall
  • Lath and Stucco Investigation

  • Air Leakage Testing
  • Adhesion of Sealant Joints
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Air Barrier Testing
  • Emergency Event Response
  • Failure Analysis – Structural
  • Failure Analysis – Water Infiltration
  • On-site Quality Control & Reporting
  • Electronic Leak Detection (ELD)