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Why Do You Need Field Testing Services For Your Building Envelope?

Adequate design of a building envelope is one of the best ways to increase a commercial building’s performance. Therefore, implementing the proper testing will ensure that a structure functions correctly and complies with relevant building regulations. Zero/Six (Z6) Consulting provides clients with field testing services that can pre-diagnose potential building envelope issues such as air infiltration, structural deflection, water infiltration, thermal transmittance, sound transmittance, and fire resistance. These testing services ensure we’re using the optimum products, appropriately installing them, and meeting safety protocols and our customers’ needs.

Why is field testing essential?

Before the construction of a building begins, commissioning technicians must test building components to ensure interconnecting systems are functioning correctly. Performance testing sets a standard for the building materials used and the quality of work performed at a site. Testing services provide the following benefits:

  • Improve overall energy efficiency
  • Minimize air leakage and improve air quality
  • Decrease wear and tear on mechanical systems
  • Increase the overall integrity of the building envelope

To ensure that proper testing is planned and implemented, envelope testing services should always be discussed in the schematic design phase. This will ensure that performance assurance costs are accounted for early in the process.

What are the field testing services Z6 provides?

  • Blower door testing

A commercial building’s energy performance can be improved if measured with the proper envelope testing. A significant factor in a building envelope’s inefficiency can be attributed to air leakage, which dramatically increases heating and cooling costs. Additionally, it can cause air moisture imbalances, resulting in the growth of microorganisms that can adversely impact air quality. Z6 performs blower door testing that evaluates HVAC equipment loads and the management of IAQ and condensation risk. Given the increased energy and cost savings, the commissioning authority and construction teams should test a building’s entire system for airtightness and take steps to address air leakage issues.

  • Electronic roof leak detection (ELD)

One of the most expensive components of a building envelope is the roof. It also serves as the most critical element in protecting from extreme natural weather conditions, so its integrity must be intact. Issues can arise if roofing contractors unintentionally cause even the most minimal damage to equipment and materials installed. Without electronic rook leak testing or ELD, these areas go unnoticed until extreme weather reveals the damage. At that point, there may have already been deterioration to both the external and internal systems. Z6 Consulting thoroughly tests your roof system’s most vulnerable areas to identify pinhole leaks and breaches for the most efficient diagnosis.

  • Roof membrane uplift resistance testing

While a roof is an essential part of the building envelope, it is also the most susceptible to severe weather damage, foot traffic wear, expansion, and contraction. This can result in accelerated roof system deterioration and decline in function. Optimum roof system performance and warranty compliance is always top of mind for the team at Z6, which is why we perform roof membrane uplift resistance testing that provides the following benefits to our customers:

  1. Identify installation and design flaws that could lead to catastrophic internal and external damage and pose a safety hazard for occupants.
  2. Distinguish roof life expectancy
  3. Assurance that installation and materials comply with the international standards
  • Water penetration testing

While vital to most living organisms’ survival, water can also be destructive to a building envelope. Any moisture can grow into major issues that can be detrimental to several internal and external systems and cost millions of dollars in potential repairs. This is why a water penetration test must be performed on doors, exterior windows, curtain walls, and skylights. To protect against moisture damage, the Z6 team implements a standardized test procedure that assures a building envelope’s quality and commissioning process.

Let Z6 Consulting provide field testing

At Z6 Consulting, we draw on our extensive building envelope commissioning expertise to provide quality field testing servicesContact Z6 Consulting to find out how we can assist with envelope performance testing today.