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Unpredictable Weather Requires Building Performance Testing In Texas

Texas is known for its notoriously unpredictable weather, alternating between scorching, dry heat and violent rainstorms, and even tornados. For most people, this is simply an inconvenient fact that comes along with living in the state. But if you own a commercial building in Texas, the weather could cost you a significant amount in repairs to your building if it’s not ready for the challenge posed by the elements.

Having building performance testing of your building envelope professionally tested can give you the peace of mind of knowing that your building is ready for whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at it.

What Is Building Performance Testing?

Simply put, building envelope testing is professional testing done on your building to make sure it’s structurally sound enough to keep the wind, rain, and heat outside to keep your building safe and comfortable for your guests or tenants. Your building’s envelope is there to separate the interior and exterior of your building as wholly and effectively as possible.

Building envelope testing from Z6 provides expert analysis of the health and functionality of your building envelope. We check for several important leaks that can occur, such as light, water, and thermal leaks.

Suppose any of these structural shortcomings are present and not quickly addressed. In that case, they can strongly impact your building’s energy efficiency and monthly power bill, the structural health of your real estate, and even the health and wellbeing of your building’s occupants through mold exposure, air impurities, and other serious issues.

What Happens When Buildings Aren’t Ready?

Even tiny leaks and problems that start out in seemingly insignificant ways can require expensive repairs if they are left unaddressed and become more severe. Being proactive about your building’s structural performance is the best way to avoid costly repairs when problems inevitably arise.

Mold can put your building’s occupants at risk for a variety of health issues. Even a small water leak can lead to a mold problem. If the seasons in your area are particularly severe, a building envelope check should be performed as soon as possible if you haven’t had one recently.

Air and thermal leaks can cause problems with concentration and productivity since they lead to uncomfortable temperatures. And if the air quality in your area is poor, air leaks in your building could put individuals at risk for colds, asthma flare-ups, and other health issues.

This is because a tight seal around your building helps make your HVAC filters job more manageable. If your building envelope has been compromised, more pollutants are let in, and your filtration system quickly backs up.

Working With Z6

Z6 Consulting offers a variety of accredited performance tests to assess and ensure the health of your building. Our testing is not destructive to your building in any way and is fully compliant with the requirements of ASTM and AAMA. Contact us today to speak with any of our qualified professionals.