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Z6 Selected to Manage Construction of Galveston ISD Bond-Funded Projects

The City of Galveston governed Galveston schools from 1884 until 1949 when the Texas Legislature established the Galveston Independent School District (GISD). Covering almost 95 miles and enrolling 6,708 students across 13 campuses, the Galveston Independent School District (GISD) is a pinnacle of excellence. They are known for their financial integrity, excellent teacher-to-child ratios, and top accountability ratings. 

While their reputation for excellence is stellar, the district needed the quality of their facilities to reflect the quality of the programs at Galveston schools. In May, voters approved a $315 million bond consisting of five propositions for district-wide improvement projects focused on aging facilities, transportation, and technology.

Along with building a new Ball High School and Kermit Courville Stadium, the bond package also consists of constructing a new aquatics center attached to the Ball High School, classroom restructuring, and a complete ground-up replacement of the Courville stadium, which was initially built in 1938.

Zero-Six to Play a Key Role

Zero/Six Consulting was selected to provide complete program management and full building commissioning services for the GISD 2022 bond issuance. The company was chosen through its extensive construction knowledge, contract administration experience, and expertise in project management. Specifically, the company will manage budgets, construction quality, and schedules throughout the project duration.

The existing facilities are aging, continuously draining the school district’s money, causing safety concerns and issues with moisture intrusion. Z6 will utilize its unique experience by providing building envelope consulting and commissioning to ensure a lasting, quality build-out.

Building envelope consulting focuses on keeping the “weather out and energy in.” This will save the school district thousands of taxpayer dollars, creating more efficient energy systems and protecting the building from the elements (air, water, heat, light, and noise).

Building Envelope Commissioning is the planning and verification of the environmental separation between the interior and exterior of a building. It’s a quality-based process that ensures that a facility envelope meets the project owner’s expressed objectives.

“We look forward to providing a collaborative work environment with a heavy emphasis on production and quality, said Zachary Johnson of Z6 Consulting, “It’s also an honor to work with a district in our backyard since the improvements will help our neighbors and our own children.” For more information, please get in touch with our offices at 409.740.0090.