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Buying Tramadol Online Legal - Tramadol Buy Canada

The environment is a merciless foe and it is the client who is the one left to deal with mistakes on the building envelope made during the construction phase. Zero/Six’s vast experience in construction management offer our clients’ innovative ideas and proven solutions that contribute to the overall success of the project from planning, coordinating and commissioning through the life of the project and beyond. Our diverse background in the field allows our team to offer invaluable insight into all perspectives of the project, resulting in more thorough management of the construction process that ensures quality standards are met and flexible, cost-effective solutions are delivered.

Our philosophy is to foster a collaborative environment that provides effective communication, mutual respect and teamwork among all groups involved in the day-to-day construction activities to keep projects on schedule and on budget.


  • Commissioning & Maintenance Operations
  • Construction Design Reviews
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Change Order Analysis
  • Contract Review & Negotiations

  • Cost Estimating & Evaluations
  • Dispute Avoidance & Resolution
  • Inspection & Quality Assurance
  • Construction Scheduling
  • Project Control Systems