Zero/Six Consulting, LLC is a multifaceted professional services company specializing in the commissioning of high-performance buildings.

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Construction Management

Harnessing Innovative Strategies for Sustainable Efficiency


Construction Project Management Company

The environment is a merciless foe and it is the client who is the one left to deal with mistakes on the building envelope made during the construction phase. Zero/Six’s vast experience in construction management offer our clients’ innovative ideas and proven solutions that contribute to the overall success of the project from planning, coordinating and commissioning through the life of the project and beyond. Our diverse background in the field allows our team to offer invaluable insight into all perspectives of the project, resulting in more thorough management of the construction process that ensures quality standards are met and flexible, cost-effective solutions are delivered.

Our philosophy is to foster a collaborative environment that provides effective communication, mutual respect and teamwork among all groups involved in the day-to-day construction activities to keep projects on schedule and on budget.

Defining Construction Management

Construction Management is a professional service employing specialized project management methodologies to steer a project from inception to completion. It meticulously navigates through planning, design, and construction phases ensuring time, cost, and quality are well-controlled.

Why Choose Our Services

At Zero/Six Consulting, we transcend traditional boundaries by integrating Men, Materials, and Machines efficiently. Our seasoned team, boasting 13 years of industry excellence, ensures your project sails smoothly through all stages. Our robust services encompass construction design reviews, productivity analysis, contract negotiations, and much more, promising a successful project delivery.

Construction Management​

Efficient Project Oversight

Ensuring systems perform according to the design intent, and maintaining optimum operational efficiency post-completion.

Commissioning & Maintenance Operations

Providing accurate cost estimates and evaluations to ensure budget adherence.

Cost Estimating & Evaluations

Assessment of design documents to ensure they comply with building codes and project requirements.

Construction Design Reviews

Implementing strategies to avoid disputes and resolve any that arise professionally.

Dispute Avoidance & Resolution

Analyzing labor, equipment, and material productivity to ensure project efficiency.

Productivity Analysis

Ensuring workmanship adheres to quality standards through thorough inspections.

Inspection & Quality Assurance

Reviewing and managing change orders to control project costs and maintain schedule.

Change Order Analysis

Developing and maintaining a comprehensive project schedule to ensure timely completion.

Construction Scheduling

Ensuring contracts are fair, clear, and beneficial while negotiating favorable terms.

Contract Review & Negotiations

Implementing robust control systems to monitor project progress and make informed decisions.

Project Control Systems

Conducting comprehensive simulations to predict and optimize a building’s energy performance.

Whole building energy simulations

Ensuring compliance with ASHRAE standards, showcasing a commitment to energy efficiency and sustainable practices.

ASHRAE 90.1 Compliance Reports





Zero/Six's outstanding professionalism, along with their high level of expertise, has consistently equipped our team with the essential resources needed to ensure the successful completion of our projects.

Laura Lara

Senior Project Manager, The University of Texas

Zero/Six has been successfully providing consulting services for projects with the OFPC South Texas Region for over 8 years, I would not hesitate to recommend and consider them for any future endeavors.

Patrick Lew

Senior Project Manager, The University of Texas

Zero/Six's dedicated staff and ongoing contributions significantly enrich our team, ensuring the delivery of top-quality buildings. We wholeheartedly welcome Zero/Six's involvement in any project.

Mark Kimball

Project Manager, The University of Texas

Elevate Your Building Experience With Us


What sets Zero/Six’s construction management approach apart?

Our construction management approach is rooted in collaborative partnerships, seasoned expertise, and a future-centric outlook, ensuring each project is not only successfully executed but also stands the test of time.

How does Zero/Six ensure safety during the construction process?

Safety is paramount at Zero/Six. Through rigorous safety protocols, regular site inspections, and continuous team education, we strive to maintain a secure and hazard-free construction environment.

What sustainable practices are integrated into Zero/Six’s construction management services?

We prioritize sustainability by incorporating eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient designs, and waste-reducing practices, ensuring our projects are environmentally responsible and future-ready.

How does Zero/Six tackle unexpected challenges during the construction phase?

With a proactive mindset, we anticipate potential hurdles and devise strategic solutions to ensure smooth project progression, maintaining quality, timeline, and budget integrity.

How does Zero/Six ensure accurate cost estimation and budget adherence during construction?

Our seasoned team employs meticulous planning, transparent communication, and real-time budget monitoring to provide accurate cost estimations. Through continuous oversight and client collaboration, we ensure strict adherence to the budget, driving the project to a successful, cost-effective completion.