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MD Anderson Expansion To Be The Largest Stand-Alone Proton Center In The World

In the 1940s, physicist Robert R. Wilson first proposed that protons could be used for medical purposes due to their unique physical properties. Approximately ten years later, in 1954, the first patient was treated for Cancer. Sixty-nine years later, proton therapy has evolved and advanced, becoming an established treatment option for certain types of cancer.

About MD Anderson Cancer Center and Its Expansion

MD Anderson has led the world in proton therapy for over a decade, treating more than 9,300 patients within its current 73,500-square-foot facility. In 2019, during its groundbreaking ceremony, plans were laid to more than double the center’s size to over 160,000 square feet – the size of three football fields – allowing more patients greater access to the most advanced and precise form of radiation therapy.

This expansion will accommodate eight state-of-the-art Hitachi radiation therapy machines that can rotate 360 degrees around the patient, ensuring the delivery of a proton beam to the targeted treatment area. Alongside the new machines, an extra synchrotron will be included. Furthermore, the expansion project encompasses patient rooms with enhanced design, aiming to provide a superior experience for those undergoing treatment.

Z6 Performs Quality Assurance and Testing Throughout Both the Construction and Commissioning Phases

The Z6 team is engaged in delivering several key elements to the construction and commissioning of the project. Our role, handling quality assurance, ensures the construction process meets the required standards and specifications. It involves inspecting, testing, tracking, and resolving outstanding issues to ensure the building envelope is constructed correctly and meets the desired performance criteria.

During the project’s commissioning phase, our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited team performed the following tests to identify and address potential issues or deficiencies in the construction process before they become significant problems:

  • AAMA 501.2 to evaluate the thermal performance of the building envelope systems’ exterior wall systems and curtain walls. This includes diagnostic water field testing on windows.
  • ASTM E907 roof uplift testing to determine the structural integrity and performance of roofing materials and systems under wind loads. The test method helps assess the ability of a roof to withstand wind-induced uplift pressures, which can occur during severe weather conditions such as hurricanes or high wind events.
  • ASTM E1105 field water testing of exterior windows, curtain walls, and doors to assess their resistance to water penetration, preventing water intrusion under simulated weather conditions.

“We’ve been working with MD Anderson for several years, but this project is a special one because of the impact it will have on the people it serves,” said Bill Coltzer, President of Z6 Consulting. “We’re honored to have been selected for this project and  look forward to its upcoming ribbon cutting.”

The $159 million expansion, led by the Gilbane Building Company, is expected to be complete in November of this year.

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