Zero/Six Consulting, LLC is a multifaceted professional services company specializing in the commissioning of high-performance buildings.

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Dispute Resolution

Professional Guidance through Legal Labyrinths


Construction Dispute Resolution Services for Buildings

Put our expert witnesses in your corner with tools worth a thousand words.

Something’s gone wrong. Was it faulty design? Improper installation? Manufacturer defect? Zero/Six Consulting can identify exactly what the issue is, how it started and evolved, and when it should have been prevented. We over 50 years of collective experience consulting in the construction industry, Zero/Six is a powerful and credible witness that delivers thorough dispute resolution services through document review, specialized investigation, in-depth analysis and testing, and concise conclusions that offer peace of mind during pre-construction, construction and post-construction proceedings.

Navigating Dispute Complexities

Our expert mediators adeptly navigate the intricacies of construction disputes, facilitating amicable resolutions that uphold your interests and maintain valuable relationships.

Expert Testimony & Analysis

With seasoned experts providing clear, authoritative testimony and precise failure analysis, we illuminate the facts to support fair and informed resolution outcomes.

Dispute Resolution Services

Expert Conflict Resolution

Creating detailed diagrams to visually represent building structures and systems.

Building Diagrams

Utilizing Photoshop to enhance photographs for clarity, analysis, or presentation purposes.

Photoshop Enhanced Photography

Illustrating failure points and mechanisms to understand and resolve structural issues.

Failure Diagrams

Employing thermographic technology to detect thermal anomalies within building structures.

Thermographic Imaging

Conducting thorough examinations to evaluate building envelope performance and identify areas for improvement.

Building Envelope Investigations

Analyzing construction costs to ensure budget adherence and identify potential savings.

Construction Cost Analysis

Providing professional insights and evidence in legal or dispute resolution proceedings.

Expert Testimony





Zero/Six's outstanding professionalism, along with their high level of expertise, has consistently equipped our team with the essential resources needed to ensure the successful completion of our projects.

Laura Lara

Senior Project Manager, The University of Texas

Zero/Six has been successfully providing consulting services for projects with the OFPC South Texas Region for over 8 years, I would not hesitate to recommend and consider them for any future endeavors.

Patrick Lew

Senior Project Manager, The University of Texas

Zero/Six's dedicated staff and ongoing contributions significantly enrich our team, ensuring the delivery of top-quality buildings. We wholeheartedly welcome Zero/Six's involvement in any project.

Mark Kimball

Project Manager, The University of Texas

Elevate Your Building Experience With Us


What encompasses Zero/Six's Forensic Architecture services?

Delving beyond the surface to unveil structural truths, our forensic architecture services encompass detailed analysis, expert testimony, and litigation support, ensuring a thorough examination of architectural concerns.

How can Forensic Architecture benefit my project?

Our forensic architecture expertise identifies and addresses hidden design or construction deficiencies, aiding in the resolution of disputes, and ensuring your project adheres to the highest standards of safety and quality.

What tools and technologies are utilized in Zero/Six's Forensic Architecture services?

Employing cutting-edge technologies like 3D scanning and Building Information Modeling (BIM), we provide a thorough, precise analysis, ensuring accurate, actionable insights for every forensic investigation.

How does Zero/Six ensure confidentiality during forensic investigations?

Upholding the utmost confidentiality, we ensure that all findings, reports, and expert testimonies are handled with a stringent level of privacy, fostering a trust-centric, professional environment throughout the investigative process.

What is the process Zero/Six follows for conducting a forensic architecture investigation?

Our process is meticulously crafted, beginning with a comprehensive review of architectural documents, followed by on-site investigations, data collection, and detailed analysis. We collaborate with clients, providing insightful recommendations and expert testimony when needed, ensuring a thorough, results-driven forensic exploration.