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Project Spotlight: Moody Methodist Church Steeple Cladding Repairs

In 1837 at the General Conference of the Methodist church in Cincinnati, Ohio sent missionaries into the foreign mission field of Texas (it was a nation at that time). Abel Stevens, a Methodist circuit rider, was assigned to preach in a small village by the sea, Galveston.  In 1839 the Rev. Thomas O. Summers was appointed to start an organized Methodist Church in Galveston. From storms to civil wars and economic depressions to recovery, the church changed in size and location over the years and went through several name changes. Today’s structure was constructed in 1964, and while it has since doubled in size, it still highlights its most prevalent landmark, the great spire that reaches toward Heaven as a beacon to the Galveston community.

The Project: Steeple Cladding Repairs

Over the years, the building envelope can degrade, allowing water and the elements to seep inside. The cladding is the outer skin applied with one material over another to provide a protective layer. It provides a level of thermal insulation and weather resistance and improves the appearance of buildings. In January 2021, it was decided that the steeple needed work. With sister firm, Coltzer Company, LLC providing full-time supervision during construction, Betco Scaffolds erected the scaffolding on the south side of the sanctuary, around the steeple, and on the roof. R.B. Hash assisted with roofing, waterproofing, and custom copper cladding. During this time:

  • The old copper cladding was removed from the steeple and then inspected by Coltzer Company, LLC for the wood condition, replacing rotting wood with new 2x4s and marine-grade plywood.
  • B. Hash applied a new waterproofing membrane around the steeple and new copper flashing around the steeple base. They then installed new custom-cut copper cladding fabricated on-site.
  • The steel bolts under the old cladding were cleaned and coated in PMMA liquid flashing to preserve and protect them from moisture.

We expect to complete construction this month, adding another chapter in the history of this great church. Have a look at the aerial drone footage for a first-hand look at the transformation process.

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