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Galveston National Laboratory

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Within this state-of-the-art facility, scientists are engaged in efforts to develop improved diagnostics, vaccines, and therapeutics to identify, prevent, treat, or otherwise control a number of important emerging human infectious diseases. The Galveston National Laboratory has been designed to serve as a national resource, and will complement and enhance UTMB’s decades of prominence in biomedical research.

The Zero/Six and Z6 Commissioning teams provided intense consulting, inspecting and commissioning services to ensure this highly technical facility had a quality envelope system. Commissioning services included water infiltration testing (ASTM E1105) and sealant adhesion testing (ASTM 1521). Due to the sensitive nature of the facility, all personnel on the project were required to obtain the highest of security clearances.

To support the BSL-4 laboratories, the envelope of this facility had to function at a very high level. The demands for air and moisture control were undeniably tested by Hurricane Ike. Despite the devastation to Galveston Island, the Galveston National Laboratory incurred no damage from wind driven rain as a result of the hurricane.

Additional Information

Client: University of Texas Medical Branch

Location: Galveston, Texas


  • Peer review of construction documents
  • Recovery Details
  • Onsite QA/QC and Reporting
  • Commissioning of the Building Envelope

Markets: Healthcare

Project Scale:

  • Construction cost: $130 million
  • 186,267 SF

Project Status: Completed 2008

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