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Windstorm Inspection Services from Zero/Six Consulting

08/14/2020, by Lidija, 0 comments

Take a Proactive Approach to Weathering the Storm Whether manifested in the form of a tornado or a hurricane, storms…

How we are protecting employees and clients during the Covid-19 pandemic

07/02/2020, by Lidija, 0 comments

Z6 has a long-standing commitment to the health needs of our employees and clients. Safety is our highest priority. During…

Zero/Six Consulting Announces Promotion of Aaron Shaffner to Vice President of Quality Control.

06/16/2020, by kevink, 0 comments

Zero/Six Consulting, LLC (Z6) would like to announce the promotion of Aaron Shaffner to Vice President of Quality Control. Aaron…

Building Envelope Commissioning. What is it, and why is it important?

06/15/2020, by Lidija, 0 comments

Building envelope commissioning (sometimes called Building Enclosure Commissioning or BECx) has become an integral part of the building process. But…

Remote Control? The First Week

03/27/2020, by Lidija, 0 comments

I hate to speak too soon, but we may just make it. As was expected, based on our previous entry…

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