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Building Litigation Consulting Services in Texas

Learn what steps can be taken to repair & restore your existing facility to perform as intended in the original design.

When your litigation team needs the facts cleaned up, wound up and set to the truth, the Zero/Six team of expert witnesses know how to prepare a testimony that is clear, professional, and based on a reputation that can stand up to any challenge in the building envelope industry. Zero/Six building envelope specialists investigate the building exterior, its components, design, code and assembly to provide a complete picture of the facilities overall condition, technical failures or contractual issues. Our consulting services serve as your first line of defense, using a combination of the latest technology, technical expertise and a lot of science to answer specific questions of interest in the litigation process that offers our clients and their attorneys’ accountability and understanding with our in-depth forensic findings, documentation and resolution of disputes before disaster strikes.

Discover further insight into the specific causes and magnitude of building issues to learn what remedial steps can be taken to repair and restore the existing infrastructure to perform as intended in the original design.

Our Litigation Consulting Services

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  • Expert Testimony
  • Evaluation of Complaint
  • Allocations of Responsibility
  • Analysis of Cost of Repair Estimates
  • Review of existing drawings, and shop drawing documents if available.
  • Performance Testing
  • Dispute Resolution Strategies

  • Damage Assessment
  • Mediation and Arbitration
  • In-depth evaluation of the project, establishing probable cause of poor building performance
  • Review of previous construction documents, condition studies, reports, or other relevant client documents.
  • Preparation of detailed, written and photographic documentation reports of observations and findings.

We provide the best of Litigation Consulting Services to our prominent clients.

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