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When Buildings Fail: How Forensic Architecture Can Become the CSI of a Building.

01/08/2022, by Lidija, 0 comments

When structures fail, they often fail spectacularly—and at times, catastrophically. But failed structures also serve an essential purpose: They teach…

Celebrating Past Events

04/06/2021, by Lidija, 0 comments

Suspender’s Day The #SuspendHunger campaign is a tribute to W.H. “Pop” Coltzer. Pop loved suspenders, and he, along with his…

Project Spotlight: Moody Methodist Church Steeple Cladding Repairs

02/06/2021, by Lidija, 0 comments

In 1837 at the General Conference of the Methodist church in Cincinnati, Ohio sent missionaries into the foreign mission field…

Invisible to the Naked Eye. How Electronic Leak Detection Identifies Water Leaks Before They Become a Problem

01/06/2021, by Lidija, 0 comments

All structures are capable of unlimited physical service life, but not an endless economic life. For example, the roof may…

Windstorm Inspection Services from Zero/Six Consulting

14/08/2020, by Lidija, 0 comments

Take a Proactive Approach to Weathering the Storm Whether manifested in the form of a tornado or a hurricane, storms…

Building Envelope Commissioning. What is it, and why is it important?

15/06/2020, by Lidija, 0 comments

Building envelope commissioning (sometimes called Building Enclosure Commissioning or BECx) has become an integral part of the building process. But…

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