Zero/Six Consulting, LLC is a multifaceted professional services company specializing in the commissioning of high-performance buildings.

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Building Envelope Consultant in Houston, TX

Our team of architects, engineers, and other building experts works with building owners, facility managers, and general contractors to design, inspect, and test all building envelope elements. Our expertise as building envelope consultants in Houston is geared towards serving commercial facilities to achieve world-class and safe construction standards.

We identify and mitigate air, water, or energy leaks in roofs or exterior walls in existing construction and provide recommendations to avoid these problems in new construction projects. Over the years, we have had vast experience and exposure to numerous building projects in Houston.

Addressing Building Envelope Failures

Zero\Six Consulting professionals are experienced in every aspect of building enclosures and design. Our team of qualified engineers, building experts, and building envelope consultants look forward to working with you to deliver solutions to these problems on time. Additionally, we will point out the problem issues and recommend retrofit solutions to improve the building envelope and minimize the potential for future complications.


Generally, the building enclosure is a system of components that protect the interior space from the effects of the environment like temperature, wind, humidity, and ultraviolet radiation. However, if you suspect hazards in your building enclosure and public safety is on the line, it takes experience and in-depth knowledge to diagnose the root cause. Contact us immediately.

We investigate the issues by first focusing on the common suspect areas, such as brick masonry, waterproofing and sealants, and previous repairs. A lot of the investigations are usually non-destructive. However, if need be, we conduct semi-destructive tests to better understand the cause of the issues.

Expert Advice

We provide prompt and impartial expert analysis of commercial, industrial and residential structures for property owners in Houston. We will issue you a report outlining our findings and providing pragmatic solutions and potential risk factors after the inspection. From these assessments, we will discuss the recommendations for repairs, consideration for enhanced energy performance and thermal comfort, constructability, and maintenance projects that will extend the life cycle of the building envelope.

Custom Design Services

Our professionals at Zero/Six approach each project as a unique project and customize its services to meet your requirements. We will guide you on technical aspects of the construction project, collaborate to select materials that fit the project needs, and affirm decisions that will affect the design and project delivery. Our in-house architectural teams will also provide you with renderings and illustrations of what the completed project could look like to guide your decisions in materials, styles, and colors when options exist.

Quality Assurance Services

When you are ready to start your project construction phase, you need an expert to ensure the work is aligned with specifications, industry standards, and expectations. Upon request, Zero/Six consultants will be actively involved in your construction process to help assure that the work is being done in compliance with the project specifications and per industry standards. This is because our methods and performance standards are aligned with industry standards and code requirements established by professional organizations.

We strive to challenge ourselves every day, creating new ideas and custom solutions to help you. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation with our building envelope consultants in Houston, TX and learn more about our services.