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Can You Purchase Tramadol Online, Tramadol For Dogs Where To Buy

At Zero/Six Consulting we’re always on the lookout for fresh insight, creative minds, and bold talent, at all experience levels and specialties, to work on unique projects in a wide variety of markets from design through project completion. Our corporate culture supports career advancement in an energetic, collaborative environment where innovation thrives, ideas come to fruition and employees experience a good work/life balance. We offer competitive pay, benefits, team building activities, continued education and more! Discover your career with Zero/Six!

Still working on your degree? We want to hear from you! We value people who can bring new perspectives and potential to our team, please submit your resume below for possible internship opportunities.

If you are interested in working for Zero/Six Consulting full-time, part-time, or as an intern, please submit your resume below.

Can You Purchase Tramadol Online, Tramadol For Dogs Where To Buy



Zero/Six Consulting LLC (ZSC) is seeking experienced Building Envelope Consultants for regions throughout Texas. The candidate will be responsible for projects which will include an on-site presence, resolving technical issues, client management, and client deliverables. ZSC’s consultants are not only self-starters, but team players who also mentor junior staff.


  • Critical evaluation of building envelope performance.
  • Resolving complex building envelope issues, including evaluating existing design.
  • Inspect work in progress related to the exterior building envelope. Inspections will require climbing and operation of access equipment (i.e. swing stages) on high rise structures.
  • Organizing field data to facilitate analysis and problem-solving.
  • Management of client services, communicating progress, reporting, technical discussion of findings, recommendations, and project close-out.
  • Scheduling and implementation of project needs.
  • Attending project meetings, including leading meetings.
  • Business development


  • Strong expertise in the building envelope, including building materials, glazing systems; insulation and air barriers; cladding assemblies; roofing; and waterproofing systems.
  • Experience in various building envelope related test methods.
  • Knowledge and experience in field quality control and investigation methods.
  • Ability to work on-site and to also travel which may include overnight travel.
  • Experience managing projects and project teams of varying sizes.
  • A mature professional with excellent written and verbal skills.
  • Scheduling and implementation of project needs.
  • Bachelor degree in Architecture, Engineering, Construction Science or similar degree preferred.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience with site investigations, project management and construction monitoring of commercial roofing/building envelope and waterproofing projects.
  • Minimum 10 years’ experience in the roofing/waterproofing industry.

JOB TYPE: Full-time



Zero/Six Consulting, LLC has a position available for a Senior Field Inspector meeting the following criteria:


  • Inspect work in progress related to the exterior building envelope and prepare/distribute detailed field reports of each visit or as otherwise required. Inspections may require climbing. Good physical condition and a comfort with heights is a must.
  • Assist with peer reviews of exterior envelope components of construction documents.
  • Coordinate recovery details for work that cannot be installed as illustrated or where work sequence dictates a change in detailing.
  • Attend project meetings as required.


  • Participate in business development efforts.
  • Training of junior staff.


  • Five years on-site construction inspection experience
  • Superior knowledge of exterior building systems.
  • Team player.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite applications, including MS Word, Excel, Publisher and PowerPoint.
  • Professional written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to participate in and facilitate group meetings.
  • Willingness to work a flexible schedule.


  • Dallas will serve as a home base for this position.
  • Travel is required.

JOB TYPE: Full-time



Zero/Six Consulting, LLC has a position available for a Lead/Technical Architect meeting the following criteria:


  • Five to ten years experience in the preparation of technical drawings related to the exterior building envelope.
  • Construction experience related to the exterior building envelope (not tenant build-out experience).
  • Currently licensed in the State of Texas (licensure in other Gulf Coast states is a plus).
  • Proficiency in AutoCAD and Microsoft Office Suite applications, including MS Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint. Must be willing/capable to become proficient in AutoCAD 3D and BIM related software such as REVIT.
  • Team player with above average communication skills and a dispute resolution mindset.
  • Must be equally comfortable at job site and boardroom settings.
  • Physically fit and without fear of heights (appropriate training will be provided).


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree


  • Base salary is commensurate with experience and licensure.

JOB TYPE: Full-time

Zero/Six Consulting, LLC. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Apply here

Please attach your resume: