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Zero/Six Consulting & Texas A&M University Announce Joint Curriculum, Training, and Continuing Education Program for Building Envelope Commissioning

03/21/2022, by Lidija, in News & Media, 0 comments

New program designed to enhance existing technical degree programs and provide technical training for building envelope industry personnel

We are excited to announce that we have entered into a public/private partnership with Texas A&M University’s RELLIS Campus to provide curriculum, training, and continuing education related to building envelope commissioning.

Building Envelope Commissioning is the planning and execution of the environmental separation between the interior and exterior of a building. It’s a quality-based process that seeks to ensure that the performance of a facility, system, or assembly meets the project owner’s expressed objectives. This growing field of study is seen as a crucial area for the construction and engineering industry as it improves the performance of the building and protects its inhabitants from weather and other environmental factors.

Because the process of Building Envelope Commissioning (BECx) is not well defined across the construction industry, industry-accepted standards would be a great benefit. In the meantime, a comprehensive approach to exposing participants to the most robust BECx processes observed will help ensure a BECx professional will be willing to sign off on the product at project delivery.

Curriculums will not only be geared towards enhancing existing technical degree plans (i.e., architecture, engineering, and construction science) offered at Texas A&M University but will also provide technical training for construction personnel wishing to enter into (or expand their knowledge of) the rapidly growing building envelope industry. Continuing education courses required for architects and engineers will also be offered.

The curriculum, called Building Envelope Commissioning for Leaders, is designed for anyone participating in the building envelope commissioning process from a leadership position such as:

  • Facility managers,
  • Owner’s representatives (program managers),
  • Architect’s construction administration personnel,
  • General contractor’s supervisory personnel,
  • Building trade forepersons, or
  • Anyone connected with the construction industry wanting to understand the evolving BECx process better.

This new curriculum will be one of the first and most advanced university-based programs of this type in the country. This partnership fosters collaboration between the two organizations to provide higher education and hands-on career training that will advance the industry and enable the next generation of buildings to be better constructed and protected. North American Building Compliance Testing Association (NABCTA) Course instructors have created a multitude of BECx plans over the last twenty years. Course design reflects this expertise.

The Texas A&M University RELLIS campus was founded in 2016 to foster cutting-edge research, technology development, workforce training, and two- and four-year college degrees by tapping the System’s state agencies and multiple universities, along with academic, corporate, and government partners outside the System.

“As an engineering partner in the RELLIS program, Z6 is proud to work collaboratively with Texas A&M University to provide both seasoned professionals and new students alike with a curriculum that sets the standard for future building envelope education programs,” said Bill Coltzer, Principal at Z6 Consulting. “As one of the top universities in the country, this program focuses on educating students in achieving adequate environmental separation via the building envelope, and the testing typically performed to validate building performance. Training will include complying with today’s standards, problem-solving scenarios, and hands-on applications.”

How to Learn More and Register

All courses of study will be conducted at the Texas A&M Rellis Campus in Bryan, Texas. The program will be accepting enrollment on xxxxx date. The cost of the program is yet to be determined. Contact Z6consulting for more information on the program and stay up to date on upcoming classes.