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Z6 Chosen to Perform QA/QC Services for $54 Million Community Center in Houston

We’re proud to have been chosen to conduct important pre-con and construction quality assurance on the Alief Neighborhood Center in Houston for EYP Architecture and Engineering.

At almost 70,000 square feet, the $54 million facility combines resources from the city’s library, parks and recreation, and the health department in one convenient location.

The mayor stated that the new mixed-use center aimed to promote greater access to valuable services and provide a beautiful space for the community to gather and socialize.

Programs offered through the Parks department include youth and adult sports leagues, HPARD’s enrichment programs for students, access to a weight room, activities for seniors, and more. Health-related programs include courses on diabetes management and other programs on managing or reducing chronic conditions.

Z6’s Pre-Construction & Construction-Phase Services

The pre-construction assistance we will provide consists of:

  • Four Peer Reviews:

Design and construction documents can make or break a project because they’re the basis on which everything is built. We will provide four sets of design documentation (DD) and construction documentation (CD) peer reviews to EYP at different completion points. Specifically, we will review their document submissions at 50% DD, 95% DD, 50% CD, and 95% CD. By providing peer reviews at the halfway and nearly finished submission points, we will be able to track the entire process and help ensure the best results on the project.

  • Representative Attendance: 

In addition to the four sets of document reviews mentioned above, a Z6 representative will also attend EYP’S review meetings to offer further assistance or insight. We will also assist them with essential tasks during the construction phase, which includes:

  • Document Reviews: 

We will review and provide commentary on EYP’s project submittals, shop drawings, and RFIs related to the project’s building enclosure components.

  • Quality Assurance: 

Construction activities related to the building’s envelope are expected to span 10 months. During this time, Z6 will perform one site visit each week (40 expected in total) for QA/QC purposes. After our site visits, we will issue Field Reports to provide a detailed account of the construction activities we observed.

We will also maintain an Outstanding Issues Log (OIL) that will help us track and make corrective recommendations on any issues that may be developing. This is an important step to catching and fixing potential issues before they turn into full-fledged problems, saving money, time, and hassle.

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