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Upcoming NABCTA Courses: Sound Insulation and ATTMA Air Tightness Testing Training

02/10/2023, by kevink, in News & Media | Project Spotlight, 0 comments

ATTMA Air Tightness Testing

February 20 – February 22, 2023

Air Tightness Testing is the recognized technique for measuring the amount of air lost through gaps, holes, and cracks in the building fabric. This course will provide you with the know-how and understanding to perform air tightness testing for single dwellings, simple dwellings, non-simple dwellings, and other small, simple buildings. 

The training course is designed for anyone involved with constructing or designing a building’s exterior. 

Air Tightness Testing Level 1 

This equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to perform air-tightness tests on single dwellings and other small, simple buildings. The course will cover topics such as:

  • The ATTMA scheme
  • A background to air leakage
  • Equipment used for air tightness testing
  • How to setup the equipment for an air tightness test
  • The air tightness testing test standards
  • The test procedure
  • How to prepare a building for an air tightness test
  • Basic geometry
  • How to calculate building envelope areas.
  • Building regulations
  • Contracting
  • Quality assurance

This course combines hands-on, practical experience, classroom-based theory, examination, and assessment.

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Course Location: Texas A&M University System – Rellis Campus 

Contact: for more information

BCTA Sound Insulation Partition Testing Training 

April 24 – April 26, 2023

Barry Cope, the Group Managing Director of the Building Compliance Testers Alliance (BCTA), presents a three-day Sound Insulation Testing Program. The focus of this course is to teach delegates the necessary skills to conduct and report sound insulation tests on partitions and floors as per ISO 140 Part 4 and 7, ASTM E0336-20 & ASTM E1007-21.

This course is intended for professionals in the building and construction industry who wish to gain comprehensive knowledge of the fundamentals of sound insulation testing. This includes those in architecture, engineering, contracting, and other related fields.

Delegates have the option of taking an exam at the end of Day 3 or 4. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to;

  • Combine, average, and subtract decibel values
  • Carry out routine equipment checks, and configure and adjust the sound source and measuring equipment.
  • Select suitable measurement numbers, locations, and durations
  • Conduct airborne and impact sound insulation tests per various ISO standards.
  • Measure octave and band sound pressure levels
  • Employ ISO 140-14 for non-standard testing

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Course Location: Texas A&M University System – Rellis Campus 

Contact: for more information