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St. Mary’s Statue Restoration

The Statue was taken down for restoration Sept 2019, and put back up May 2020.

Statue Restoration – McLean Metal Works

Address – 2801 S. College Ave. Bryan, Texas

Contact: (805)-901-8242


Statue Restoration – R. Alden Marshall & Associates, LLC



Statue Installer – McRay Rigging and Crane

(Sept 2019 & May 2020)

Contact: 713-944-2843

Pedestal Support Restoration – R.B. Hash Roofing & Waterproofing

(May 2020)

Scope: R. B. Hash installed a high-tensile-strength rubberized asphalt underlayment to the exterior surfaces of the plywood which has wrapped the steel framing of the pedestal support for the statue of St. Mary. R. B. Hash installs copper flashing on lower sections of the pedestal support for the statue of St. Mary. The gold leafed crosses are installed to the designated faces of the pedestal in MAY 2020

Contact: Brian Hash (tel: 713.463.9800)

Misc. Work By: Coltzer Company, LLC

(March 2020-May 2021)

Contact: Bill Coltzer (tel: 409.740.0090)