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Spire Roofs Restoration

North Spire Roof Demolition November 2019. South Spire Roof Demolition December 2019.

New Spire Roofs Installed March 2020.

New Spire Roofs Design and Engineering by: Zero/Six Consulting, LLC

Contact: Jeff Bishop, PE 409.740.0090


Spires Lifting Crane Operator by: McRay Rigging and Crane

(March 2020)

105 ton Crane used

Contact: 713-944-2843

Spire Roofs Waterproofing by: R.B. Hash Roofing & Waterproofing

(March 2020- May 2020)

Scope: R. B. Hash installed polystick MTS Plus Underlayment PD atop the plywood decking on the spire roof system. R. B. Hash installs copper panel receivers along the lower slope transition of the spire roof system. After all receivers were installed along the octagonal perimeter, 16oz copper roof panels were installed on top of the underlayment.

R. B. Hash installed the standing seam detail work on the spires. Stainless steel metal cleats were installed with stainless steel metal nails. 16oz copper caps are then attached to the cleats with copper rivets. The standing seam detail runs vertically from the peak of the spire to the slope transition along each of the octagon’s vertices.

R. B. Hash installed new copper flashing, and new copper gutters at the base’s perimeter locations of the spires roof system. New copper panels are installed on top of the new plywood roof decking and connected to the previously installed receivers at the lower slope transition.

R.B. Hash installs new downspouts for the gutter systems on the spire tower roof system in the previously determined locations on the eastern backside faces of the tower. The downspouts will discharge to the upper high-pitched shingle roof below.

Contact: Brian Hash (tel: 713.463.9800)

Spires New Base and Steel Frame Fabrication by: Broome Welding & Machine Co.

(March 2020)

Scope: Installation of eight prime and painted clips at each spire clip fastener connection locations. Sixteen total clips are installed.

Contact: Formane Scott 409.744.0407

Spires Masonry Repairs Around the Base by: United Restoration & Preservation

(December 2019-April 2020)


Spire Crosses Restoration by: Farmers Alloy

(March 2020)


Spires Decking Construction by: Coltzer Company, LLC

(January 2020-April 2020)


  • Exterior silicone coating installation to previous masonry repairs throughout the spire towers. (May 2020).
  • CC removed the crosses from the spires (November 2019) and installed and attached the new siliconized copper crosses with the attached historic decorative end pieces from the former crosses (April 2020)

Contact: Bill Coltzer (tel: 409.740.0090)