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Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs Design and Engineering by Zero/Six Consulting, LLC

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Gutter Installation by R.B. Hash Roofing & Waterproofing

(Dec 2019- Feb 2020)

Scope: Installation of the new roof edge and gutter systems along the south roof edges, roof edge A & B. Polystick MTS Plus self-adhered high temperature underlayment for metal, tile and shingles is installed along these roof edges. (Jan-Feb 2020)
Copper step flashing and copper gutters installation. Prefabricated copper downspouts installed.

Contact: Brian Hash (tel: 713.463.9800)


Sanctuary Roof Perimeter Repairs by FW Walton, Inc.

(April- May 2020)

Scope: Sanctuary roof perimeter repairs, counterflashing and sealant work. The parapet walls’ existing defective counter flashing is removed. The areas is grinded out to allow for a new fabricated copper receiver to be installed. Once copper flashing is installed, sealant is applied where needed to allow for a weather proofed barrier within the roof’s perimeter locations. FW Walton, Inc also cuts and removes existing sealant and prepares existing joints for installation of new sealant on the eastern parapet wall adjacent to the bell tower. A cant bead of high-performance glazing silicone sealant is installed at the floor to frame intersection. Dow 123 tape is installed where needed, along with sealant to ensure bond and form a watertight gasket.

Contact: Tony Walton (tel: 713.674.9777)


Misc. work by Coltzer Company, LLC

(Nov 2019-Dec 2019)

Scope: Gutters and facia removal.

Contact: Bill Coltzer tel: 409.740.0090 (