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City of Galveston City Hall

21/12/2017, by kevink, 0 comments

The City of Galveston City Hall is a French Renaissance Revival building; damaged in the great storm of 1900, the…

St. Mary Cathedral Basilica

20/12/2017, by kevink, 0 comments

St. Mary Cathedral Basilica is a Gothic Revival church designed by Paris trained Architect Theodore E. Giraud. The floor plan…

Sacred Heart Church

14/03/2017, by kevink, 0 comments

Architecturally speaking, a building that is designed and constructed to be a “50-year building” is considered the gold standard in…

Bishop’s Palace

02/02/2017, by kevink, 0 comments

Construction of Bishop’s Palace began in 1887 and completed in 1893. The ornate Victorian-style house, located in Galveston, Texas, is…

Keiller Building

02/02/2017, by kevink, 0 comments

The project was the renovation of the ground level of a four-story research facility, originally built in 1925, which was…

South Main Baptist Church

01/02/2017, by kevink, 0 comments

What is currently known as South Main Baptist Church (SMBC) was founded as Tuam Baptist Church in 1903. The church…

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