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01/06/2018, by Kevin Kohleriter, 0 comments

Zero/Six interviewed key facility managers at BHSET, profiled the building’s type, age, and condition and developed a repair action program…

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01/08/2016, by Kevin Kohleriter, 0 comments

Zero/Six is currently providing biannual roof assessments for eleven (11) Houston Methodist Hospital System facilities located in the Houston Medical…

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30/05/2016, by kevink, 0 comments

The 190,000 SF, South Texas Research Facility  houses modern laboratory space for the Health Science Center’s growing research enterprise and support partnerships…

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27/04/2016, by kevink, 0 comments

As the largest administrative office facility in The University of Texas System, the 1.4 million-square-foot Class A building houses more than…

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26/04/2016, by kevink, 0 comments

The 33-level Memorial Hermann Tower (POB V) was partially occupied when Hurricane Ike hit the Houston area. Levels one thru 27…

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