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26/01/2018, by Kevin Kohleriter, 0 comments

In order to consolidate The University of Texas System operations from five antiquated buildings into one efficient location, the 19-story…

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27/12/2017, by Kevin Kohleriter, 0 comments

The older residence halls on the west side of The University of Texas at Arlington campus are being replaced with…

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22/12/2017, by Kevin Kohleriter, 0 comments

Opened in 1972, the renovation and expansion of the Zachry Engineering Center continues on the campus of Texas A&M University,…

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22/12/2017, by Kevin Kohleriter, 0 comments

The Post Oak School is a Montessori school with two campuses in Greater Houston. Zero/Six provided professional services related to…

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19/12/2017, by Kevin Kohleriter, 0 comments

The new, two-story Education Complex and Music Building at Texas A&M University – Kingsville will replace the 60-year-old Bellamah Music…

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