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26/01/2018, by Kevin Kohleriter, 0 comments

In order to consolidate The University of Texas System operations from five antiquated buildings into one efficient location, the 19-story…

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27/12/2017, by Kevin Kohleriter, 0 comments

The Ango Global International Headquarters Building is an 18,530-square-foot office that was built for an Angolan oil company. This building…

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25/05/2016, by kevink, 0 comments

Industrial gas manufacturer, Air Liquide, moved its U.S. corporate headquarters from the Houston Galleria to a two-building, 597,000-square-foot complex in…

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25/05/2016, by kevink, 0 comments

The Galvestonian Condominium Resort consist of 180 units beach front high-rise condominium located in Galveston, Texas. In addition to the…

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24/05/2016, by kevink, 0 comments

The new Hotel Zaza Memorial City is 17-stories and houses 159 guest rooms and more than 10,000-square-feet of event space….

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