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Science and Engineering Innovation Research (SEIR) Building


Designed by Page and ZGF Architects, The University of Texas at Arlington’s Science and Engineering Innovation Research (SEIR) Building is a six-story, 220,000 SF facility constructed of native Texas limestone and custom curtain wall. What makes the SEIR building unique is the use of interior curtain wall systems that create an efficient and dynamic space that functions as a collaborative lab environment displayed through a concept deemed, “science on display.” Employing sustainable design strategies through high-energy efficient heating and cooling systems, water conservation practices, and sustainable materials, the building will exceed LEED Silver® standards.

Z6 Commissioning provided ISO-accredited envelope testing to verify each envelope product, system, and installed components met the appropriate standard. This effort began with pre-functional mockup testing and then expanded into field testing which included, High Voltage Electronic Leak Detection, Roof Uplift testing, and Water and Air Leakage testing.

Rendering provided by Page and ZGF Architects

Project Information

Owner: The University of Texas System

Architect:  Page and ZGF Architects

Contractor: Hunt Construction

Location:Arlington, Texas

Services: Hunt Construction

  • Commissioning of the building envelope, including:
  • Mock-up testing
  • Dynamic testing
  • Roof membrane uplift resistance testing per ASTM E907
  • Air infiltration testing per ASTM E783
  • Static pressure water infiltration testing per ASTM E1105
  • Diagnostic nozzle testing
  • Electronic leak detection (ELD) testing

Markets: Higher Education

Project Scale:  200,000 GSF

Construction Cost:  $125 million

Project Status: Summer 2018

Type of Construction: New Construction

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