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25/10/2018, by Lidija, in Buy Cheap Tramadol Mastercard, 0 comments

Tramadol Tablets Online, Tramadol Buy Online

With construction dating back to 1939, the Discount Cheap Pills Tramadol has seen quite a few changes in the past 77 years. Comprised of 12 halls, the original dormitories have now been completely renovated, while preserving the outward the appearance of the dorms and bringing one of the most central pieces of Aggie history back into visual prominence.

Zero/Six’s participation in this $200 million effort included a peer review of construction documents, quality control inspections, and building envelope performance testing. The building envelope assessment and testing process was fully incorporated from design through acceptance of the project. The process helped Texas A&M University circumvent many of the issues during the renovation and their potential for problems during the life cycle of the buildings that were not addressed in the design and construction phases. As Phase II of the project completes, Zero/Six continues to perform field observations and conduct site visits during all building envelope activities.


Client: Texas A&M University System
Location: College Station, TX
Type: Renovation & Restoration
Year Built: 1939
Architect: Kirksey Architecture
Contractor: SpawGlass
Project Scale: 12 Buildings
Construction Cost: $200 Million
The scope of Services: Masonry Survey, Drawing Review, Recovery Details, On-site, QA/QC and Reporting, Cx Plan and Specifications, Commissioning of the Building, Envelope, including Air Infiltration, Testing per ASTM E783, Static, Pressure Water Infiltration Testing per ASTM E1105, and Diagnostic Nozzle