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Reputable Construction Dispute Resolution Services in Houston, TX

What is Construction Dispute Resolution?

Dispute resolution in construction contracts is the process of resolving disputes between parties, often caused by an actual or perceived violation of an agreement or other contractual obligation. Construction disputes can be complex, costly, and time-consuming, leading to project delays/disruption or, at the very worst, personal injury or complete project failure.

Should a dispute arise during pre-construction, construction, or post-construction proceedings, it is prudent to work with an expert that can prepare an authoritative evaluation and deliver thorough dispute resolution services to facilitate a positive outcome. At Zero/Six consulting, we offer sound insight and counsel to a wide range of construction disputes. Our construction dispute resolution services in Houston, TX, objectively analyze the issues and efficiently manage the resolution process to resolve the matter within the client’s goals and expectations.

Construction Dispute Resolution Services

Why Do You Need Construction Dispute Resolution Services in Houston, TX?

The construction industry is fraught with risks and legal traps. It’s commonplace for disputes to arise between property owners and contractors. An efficient dispute resolution system helps avoid project delays and cost overruns that can damage your reputation and finances.

More importantly, swift resolution of construction disputes through effective alternative dispute resolution (ADR) approaches like expert negotiation, mediation or arbitration can help you avoid the time-consuming and costly litigation process. If engaged earlier, our dispute resolution services can initiate controls to avoid claims and litigation altogether.

We cater to a wide range of industries, spanning from residential to huge commercial projects, health care facilities, educational institutions, government facilities, industrial process facilities, etc. Additionally, we cover the full spectrum of engineering and construction disputes. Among them include:

  • Construction defects
  • Design malpractice
  • Disputed Change Orders
  • Differing Site Conditions
  • Third-Party/Utility Delays
  • Surety Takeover
  • Failure analysis
  • Contract issues ( Lack of understanding of the conditions of the contract)
  • Standard of care

More often than not, it is in your best interest to seek dispute resolution through a non-litigious approach. However, if a given matter requires the legal process resolution mechanism, our building litigation consultants understand the complex issues surrounding construction litigation and are ready to help you reach the most satisfying resolution.

Representative Matters: A Recent Court Case We Won

We recently helped a client file a certificate of merit for design defect claims, implicating professional negligence on two architecture companies and one engineering company. Through this, we essentially gave credence to our client’s claims helping them win the case. This was a notable victory for our clients that likely formed the basis for case law moving forward.

Benefits of Working with Z6 for Dispute Resolution Services

A comprehensive approach to Dispute Resolution

Our dispute resolution services cover the entire dispute and litigation life cycle, from document review, specialized investigation, and in-depth analysis to arbitration, mediation, and trial, including mini-trials, bench trials, and jury trials.

Multi-Discipline Expertise

Further, our in-house resources bring together professionals from multiple disciplines. These include construction, litigation, and scheduling professionals. With such broad discipline expertise, we have a fine grasp of every perspective and detail of your dispute case.


Our professionals bring a wealth of experience in resolving challenging issues that can arise in engineering and construction, helping clients resolve disputes expedited and cost-effectively.

Meticulous Representation

From preliminary document review to preparing detailed technical analyses and creating compelling presentations, we know how best to reach a positive outcome for your business.

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