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Celebrating Past Events

06/04/2021, by Lidija, in Exterior | Services | Windstorm Inspection, 0 comments

Suspender’s Day

The #SuspendHunger campaign is a tribute to W.H. “Pop” Coltzer. Pop loved suspenders, and he, along with his wife Julie, loved serving meals at the local Salvation Army. The Coltzer related businesses recognize April 12th as “Suspender Day,” but our #SuspendHunger campaign is a year-round effort to provide stress relief to those in need. Join our campaign by donating food, clothing, or services to those in need and share your photos with us using #SuspendHunger.

Cajun Throwdown

This year’s annual Cajun Throwdown was sponsored by Z6. The event is designed to give back to the local Galveston community. We enjoyed time together as a team, a crawfish cook-off, and Cajun cuisine and music.


Easter Fish Fry

The annual Easter celebration is one of our many company events where our families come together in the shop to enjoy community. Festivities include eating fried fish cooked by one of our team members—thanks Floyd!—and coloring eggs for our egg-decorating contest.