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Building Quality Control Inspection Services

Identify construction deficiencies that can turn into potential complaints or demand warranty repairs. Validate the quality of work against Construction Performance Guidelines and environmental standards.

Identify construction deficiencies that can turn into potential complaints or demand warranty repairs. Validate the quality of work against Construction Performance Guidelines and environmental standards. 

Building Quality Control Inspections (QCI) are a set of procedures and processes that are performed on project sites to:

  • assess the quality of construction of building exterior wall systems, assemblies and components
  • identify areas that need repairs or improvement
  • monitor and maintain building performance standards

Z6 Consulting Quality Work Plan Inspection and Monitoring

Basic Documents Required

For proper functioning of a construction company or a building project, a detailed framework of internal processes and quality procedures needs to be developed, implemented and monitored periodically to undertake quality control measures. A typical QC program for a construction project will involve:

  • Control of Documents
  • Control of Records
  • Internal Audits
  • Control of non-conforming components as specified in Non-Conformance Report (NCRs). An NCRs is a report that outlines:
    • What went wrong (nonconformity)
    • Why it went wrong (root cause)
    • What can be done to fix the problem (corrective action)
  • Preventive Actions (to avoid non-conformity)

Additional Documents Required

Considering the complexity of large infrastructure construction projects like commercial buildings, hotels, resorts, bridges, airports, marine projects, highways, dams, tunneling, etc., it is a humongous task to set up a Quality Control System. Moreover, implementing and monitoring adherence of the set quality procedures is even more difficult.  Some of the most common additional procedures and processes for Building Quality Control Inspection that may be required are:

  • Procurement and Logistics Procedure (cost sensitive)
  • Codification of Documents and Drawings
  • Design Procedure (specifying in detail how the design of the project is being undertaken)
  • Subcontracting Procedure (to demonstrate how you properly manage your subcontractors)
  • Temporary Works Procedure (safety sensitive; to specify how their design and construction are managed)
  • Management of Plant & Equipment (including maintenance plans and inspection schedules)
  • Handover: As-Built and Completion Procedure (for final handover of all of the records to the client on time)
  • Inspection and Quality Control Procedure (specify the basic framework of the inspections that are performed on site)
  • Surveying and Setting out Procedure
  • Material Approvals (specifying how the permanent materials will be inspected and approved by the client)
  • Reporting Procedure (specifying the format and the frequency of the reports required by the contract)
  • Cost Control Procedure
  • Administration & Correspondence
  • Calibration Procedure
  • Assessing client satisfaction
  • Request for Information (RFI) Procedure
  • Design Field Change Procedure (for changing parts of the design on site due to several restrictions)
  • Training Procedure

Z6 Consulting’s Building QCI: Key Benefits

It is best to keep your Building Quality Control Inspection System simple for easy implementation.

Our expertise helps determine strategic goals and implementation plans that maximize the value within budget limitations, schedule conflicts, environmental concerns, and other factors that occur during the creation and maintenance of facilities. Following are key highlights of our QCI services:

  • Assess and identify multiple quality points and integrate seamlessly into overall QC program
  • Streamline scheduling, inspection, and reporting processes
  • Help your staff meet the Construction Performance Guidelines
  • Auto-generate detailed reports of findings including trends in findings
  • Access findings and reports 24/7 at your fingertips through Client Portal
  • Minimize warranty repair costs and complaints
  • Enhance overall customer satisfaction

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