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PLM-BLM-BIM Correlation

Building Lifecycle Management (BLM) involves “adaptation of product lifecycle management – like techniques to design, construction, and management of buildings.” It requires a standardized ontology and the integration of disparate competencies, technologies, and processes.[1]

In other words, BLM is “the practice of designing, constructing, and operating a facility with a single set of interoperable data.” [2] It is operationalized through a robust Product Lifecycle Management system, which creates an efficient environment for coordinating complex Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) data.

Building Lifecycle Management requires accurate and extensive Building Information Modeling (BIM). BLM adopts a BIM Level 3 approach that enables a highly efficient collaborative process based on manufacturing industry best practices.

Learn more about Zero/Six’s Building Information Modeling Services

Core Benefits of BLM

BLM enables BIM Level 3 and improved construction predictability, long-term value for owners and AEC profitability. The core benefits of employing BLM are:

  • improved productivity, sustainability and quality
  • reduced waste, risk, and cost

These benefits are achieved through BLM’s ability to eliminate rework, reduce Requests For Information (RFIs), centralize data, contextualize information, and near-accurately predict outcomes.

BLM Enables Improved Productivity

  • Centrally managed data helps remove version control issues, chances for human error, and even the need to manage files.
  • Rework, redundant drawings and iterations can be drastically reduced when all users access a single live database via web services
  • Inefficient RFIs, submittals, and change orders can be reduced or eliminated with users proactively resolving issues in real-time using a BLM system.

BLM enables Increased Quality and Value from Suppliers

  • Using BLM, designers can make better decisions within a richer data context and maintain greater control over the quality of the finished product.
  • Collaborating in a BLM environment can help construction firms and building systems manufacturers develop a greater understanding of project requirements.
  • With reliable data, builders and suppliers can improve coordination, execute more quickly, and accurately realize the design intent.
  • Building Lifecycle Management also offers built-in governance and traceability, improving accountability across the disciplines.

BIM enables Reduction of Waste, Risk, and Cost

  • BLM is designed to reduce waste by more accurately predicting outcomes, identifying potential points of conflict, and optimizing processes.
  • BLM also reduces risk to the project schedule, worker safety, and overall construction budget.

BIM Helps Gain a Competitive Advantage

  • The potential opportunity for AEC firms to gain a competitive advantage is to adopt BIM Level 3 approach early, before the market calls for further mandates.
  • Getting ahead of the curve with a BLM system enables a team to become more efficient than competitors, deliver higher quality, gain the loyalties of owners and design partners, and retain a healthier profit margin.

In addition to Building Lifecycle Management services, Zero/Six Consulting also provides related services like Building Lifecycle Cost Analysis. For more details, Read about Building Lifecycle Cost Analysis

Contact Us today to know more about our Building Lifecycle Management Services. Call us on: Tramadol Online Order or visit our website: