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Why Hire A Building Envelope Consultant?

 If you own or are otherwise responsible for the care of a school, church, library, or any other type of building, you need to be aware of the vital importance of your building’s envelope.

Simply put, a building envelope is a physical barrier placed between the conditioned and unconditioned portions of a building or structure for the purpose of keeping the elements at bay. Excessive light, heat, rain, snow, lightning and other forces of nature can all degrade the functional integrity of a building over a long enough timespan.

It’s worth knowing, for instance, that 80% of all litigation cases related to construction have to do with water infiltration in buildings . This issue is directly related to faulty or underperforming building envelopes.

The Components of a Building Envelope

There’s a lot more that goes into a building envelope than you might at first think. Although the term is just two simple words, your building envelope actually comprises:

  • Exterior walls and storefronts
  • Doors and windows
  • Walls
  • Skylights and roofs
  • Balconies
  • Foundations and basements

Any one of these parts of your building envelope can become compromised over time, leading to costly and even dangerous problems.

Our Tested & Trusted Process

Z6 has specialized in the construction of high-quality building envelopes since 2003. Our expertise with glazing systems, windows, roofing systems, cladding systems, and waterproofing assemblies ensures that your building envelope will keep your building protected and operating optimally.

Here’s a breakdown of our professional process for constructing or repairing building envelopes:

  • Develop the Intent: The goal in constructing any building is for it to be an asset rather than a liability. One of the most important parts of making this happen is to develop clear project requirements right from the outset of a construction project. This can only be performed by qualified architectural experts, like the ones on our team.
  • Inspect the Product: Next, we implement a thorough quality control (QC) program, carried out by experts who understand not only the individual components of your building envelope, but the ways in which they all interact, which is extremely important. If anything is found to be deficient, we make a detailed log of it and then rectify the problem.
  • Test the Product: The final stage involves testing the envelope with our ISO-accredited stormwater and windstorm engineering team.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of innovative solutions that ensure the optimal functioning of your building envelope:

  • Pre-construction services: These include Owner’s Project Requirements and Basis of Design assistance and documentation, building information modeling, preparation of construction documents, and more
  • Construction phase services: We offer construction and project management, mock ups in numerous formats, recovery and quality control details, quality control inspections, building envelope commissioning, performance testing of cladding systems, and more.
  • Forensic and aviation services: We can assist you with dispute resolution, expert testimony, building envelope analysis, and even unmanned aircraft analysis
  • Energy performance and optimization services: Take advantage of our whole building energy modeling, building envelope thermal and moisture analysis, life cycle cost analysis, and other services to maximize the energy efficiency of your building
  • Testing services: We offer best-in-class flood and waterproof testing, wand/nozzle testing, air leakage testing, roof uplift testing, adhesion of sealant joints, thermal imaging, air barrier testing, emergency event response and many other critically important types of testing to ensure the integrity of your building
  • Other services: We also offer preventative maintenance programs, facility asset management and database services, litigation consulting, and more

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