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Bell Tower Restoration

Bell Restoration by: The Verdin Bell Company

(September 2019-January 2021)

Scope: Old bell ringing equipment was removed May 2020 and new equipment within the belfry was installed Sept 2020. New A-frame stands, new bell wheel and drive chain, new yoke, new outside bell striker, and new interior clapper spring and clapper ball are installed in and around St. Mary’s historic bell.

Verdin Bell Company replaces previously installed bell hardware with necessary stainless-steel hardware, per Coltzer Company, LLC request. Oct 2020

Contact: Brian Rink (tel: 513.241.4010)


Bell Equipment Removal By: McRay Crane & Rigging Equipment & Operators

(April 2020-January 2021)

Contact: Henry Beal (tel: 409.692.4311)

Electrical By: One Eleven Electric

(April 2020-March 2021)

Scope: One Eleven Electric installs the required circuits within the bell tower for the new bell equipment installed by Verdin Bell in April 2020.

One Eleven Electric installs bell ringing equipment user control panel in north sacristy in August 2020.

One Eleven Electric installs and programs new digital bell controller for the bell tower in Jan 2021.

One Eleven Electric installs the transformers for the lighting in the bell tower. Jan 2021

Contact: Henry Beal (tel: 409.692.4311)

Bell Tower Waterproofing By: R.B. Hash Roofing & Waterproofing

(Jan-March 2021)

Contact: Brian Hash (tel: 713.463.9800)

Carpentry Work By: Manns Carpentry

(March 2021)

Contact: Volker Manns (tel: 281.559.3570)

Misc. Work By: Coltzer Company, LLC

(April 2020-March 2021)

Contact: Bill Coltzer (tel: 409.740.0090)

Coltzer Company, LLC constructed the steel pedestal by dry fitting the stainless steel hardware that is used for attaching the pedestal to the bell tower April 2020.

Coltzer Company, LLC prepared floor surfaces for Robert’s Air, LLC’s installation of the two new 15-ton HVAC units within the bell tower. – MAY 2020.

Coltzer Company, LLC conducts a water test within the upper levels of the bell tower to identify the leak locations and envelope breaches that have caused noticeable water infiltration to the interior of the bell tower. Oct 2020.