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The City of Galveston City Hall is a French Renaissance Revival building; damaged in the great storm of 1900, the staircase, tower, and the entire third floor were removed. A new City Hall was built in 1916 and was used as both a fire and police station. Discount Cheap Pills Tramadol wrote the specifications and provided construction documents for the roof remediation project. Currently, the team is conducting quality assurance observations and additional construction administration tasks to ensure the seamless remediation of the
existing clay tile roof in addition to the replacement of a 2-ply modified system that properly tapers to the drainage points.

Owner: City of Galveston
Location: Galveston, TX
Type: Remediation
Status: December 2017
Scope of Work: Site Survey Investigation, Preparation of Specifications and Construction Documents, Bidding Process, QA/QC Roof Replacement Monitoring, and Construction Administration


Tramadol Using Mastercard, Tramadol Prescribed Online

The new, two-story Education Complex and Music Building at Texas A&M University – Kingsville will replace the 60-year-old Bellamah Music Building to support more students and faculty, tripling the size from 32,000-square-feet to 90,000-square-feet. The state-of-the-art facility will serve as a focal point for the southeast entrance to the campus and allow the University to expand and grow their music department. Features include enhanced rehearsal spaces, classrooms and labs, an administrative office suite, a 450-500-seat performance hall and gathering center, and storage facilities as well as a new 1200-ton central utility plant.

Owner: Texas A&M University – Kingsville
Architect: Brown Reynolds Watford Architects (Rendering provided by BRW Architects)
Contractor: SpawGlass
Location: Kingsville, TX
Type: New Construction
Scale: 90,000 SF
Status: Fall 2019
Cost: $60 million
Scope of Work: Drawing Review, Onsite QA/QC and Reporting, BECx Plan and Specifications, and Commissioning of the Building Envelope, including Mock-up Testing, Air Infiltration Testing per ASTM E783, Roof Membrane Uplift Resistance Testing per ASTM E907, and Static Pressure Water Infiltration Testing per ASTM E1105.


The older residence halls on the west side of The University of Texas at Arlington campus are being replaced with two, 500-bed facilities to accommodate the University’s continued growth. Similar to Vandergriff Hall, the double occupancy rooms will include amenities students desire today through living and learning spaces that promote social interaction and community engagement. Discount Cheap Pills Tramadol is the Building Envelope Consultant for the project with Z6 Commissioning conducting performance testing,
which includes testing 600+ windows systems to ensure they meet the performance requirements outlined in the specifications.

Owner: The University of Texas at Arlington
Architect: BOKA Powell, LLC (Rendering provided by BOKA Powell)
Location: Arlington, TX
Type: New Construction
Scale: 140,882 SF, 1000-bed
Status: Fall 2018
Cost: $30.8 million
Scope of Work: Drawing Review, Recovery Details, Roof Observation and Reporting, On-site QA/QC and Reporting, BECx Plan and Specifications, and Commissioning of the Building Envelope, including Mock-up Testing, Dynamic Testing, Roof Membrane Uplift Resistance Testing per ASTM E907, Air Infiltration Testing per ASTM E783, Static Pressure Water Infiltration Testing per ASTM E1105, Diagnostic Nozzle Testing, and ElectronicLeak Detection (ELD) Testing