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Christian Ozbun

Director of Architecture & Simulation

Christian Ozbun

About Christian Ozbun, NCARB

Christian Ozbun heads up the architecture and building simulations services and is the resident BIM specialist for Zero/Six Consulting, LLC. Licensed to practice architecture in Texas, he has made himself known as a versatile and innovative member of the design and building community, having been involved in a broad range of project types and work scopes. His experiences include construction management, building information modeling, energy analysis, forensic architecture, construction administration, construction documentation, software development, and as-built documentation of some of our nation’s largest buildings.

Significant projects in which Christian has earned valuable and relevant experience:

University of Texas Engineering Education and Research Center— Austin, Texas

BIM manager for the UT’s new, ground up, 430,000 SF engineering complex. Z6 was hired by Hensel Phelp’s , one of the largest general contractors in the United States, to provide BIM, building envelope, and shop drawing expertise. Through Christian’s 3D expertise Z6 is providing Hensel Phelps with composite set of shop drawings that bridges the gap between all exterior envelope trades. In doing this Z6 is able to prevent construction and fabrication errors before they occur.

Energy Modeling Services— Nationwide

Christian’s previous work experience includes an in-depth look into physics-based simulation of building systems. Christian has produced energy models for over 25 million SF of conditioned space. He also helped to design and debug a software program called epFace, a user interface for Energyplus that allows users to quickly create custom HVAC systems and building conditions. Because the work he performed was nationwide he has knowledge of most HVAC system types and building energy saving systems.

City of Houston — Houston, Texas

Provided construction design for various exterior envelope retrofits for the City of Houston’s existing buildings. Christian worked on a team the day he arrived to complete design work that included roof drainage, water proofing, and wind uplift design. Z6 performed these services on buildings with challenging existing conditions that required careful attention to detail and accurate fieldwork.

The General Services Administration — Nationwide

Christian’s previous work experience includes various contracts for the GSA. He has done as field verification, as-built documentation, and Revit models for GSA’s facilities around the country. Since the GSA acts a landlord and property manager for the rest of the federal government, Christian has also worked with the security requirements of Federal Agencies such as Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, United States Marshals Service, and The Federal Courts.

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    • Galveston, Texas
  • Years of Experience
    • 7 years in construction

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Architecture, University of Houston