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Our Mission

We will utilize the most cutting edge processes to provide the absolute best services with the most talented team available while maintaining the highest integrity.

Firm Profile

Established in 2003, Zero/Six Consulting, LLC (ZSC) is a leader in delivering innovative solutions for the creation and maintenance of better building envelopes. When called on, we mobilize a dedicated team of in-house professionals — Architects, Engineers, LEED Green Associates, Registered Roofing Observers (RRO), Project Managers, and Field Specialists — to meet each project’s particular requirements, performance goals, budgetary criteria, and scheduling requirements, tailored to the individual building and client needs. As building envelope specialists we are dedicated to ensuring the integrity, quality and performance of the exterior envelope, facades, fenestration, and roofs of new and rehabilitated buildings. Our technical expertise in all facets of building envelope systems enables our clients to construct facilities with increased energy savings, reduced maintenance, and enhanced weather resistance creating a longer lasting investment throughout the building’s life cycle.

Our philosophy is simple: Identify. Explain. Resolve. We work with our clients to identify current gaps and potential threats; explain problematic issues and offer resolutions that ensure quality standards are met and cost-effective solutions are delivered. To elaborate, when Zero/Six mobilizes its resources, we will:

  • Identify – Pinpoint the issue. Our experts possess comprehensive knowledge critical to superior building design and can pinpoint and document the exact source and path of any water and air infiltration, as well as the vulnerability of any product or workmanship. Our team uses the latest building envelope forensic technology such as simulated thermal & moisture analysis and infrared imaging, to identify issues beneath the surface of the building façade. You’ll know exactly where the issues exist throughout your current building system.
  • Explain – Explain the problem & present options. It’s not enough to know what the problems are, you need to know why they became a problem so that those issues can be avoided when renovating the facility. How did it happen? How could it have been prevented? Is there a responsible party and, if so, who? Our team leaders will provide a detailed report that contains photographic documentation, remaining lifespan, major issues, repair cost, and design recommendations. Our reports may also include thermal imaging, proposed details, and other resources to clearly document all issues so the owner can make informed decisions that meet the needs of the building and your short-and long-term goals.
  • Resolve – Create a solution. After a thorough analysis and all issues have been identified and explained, we will work with your project team to define remediation options including: detail development, overseeing remediation work and performance testing to verify repairs.

Whether your project is still under construction or fully occupied our goal is the same, to replace uncertainty with confidence. When the outside stays out, you prolong the life of your new or existing building and gain a better return on your investment as a place to innovate, learn and work into a better tomorrow.

Our Services

Discover how we deliver innovative solutions that ensure optimal building envelope performance

  • Pre-Construction Services
    • Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) / Basis of Design (BOD) technical assistance and documentation
    • Commissioning Plan
    • Preparation of Construction Documents
    • Drawing Review/Design-Assist
    • Building Information Modeling
  • Construction Phase Services
      • Construction Management
      • Project Management
      • Mock Ups
        • Virtual 3D mock ups utilizing BIM
        • Laboratory installations for testing
        • Site installations for aesthetic
          approvals and/or testing
      • Recovery Details
      • Quality control inspections with detailed
        reporting and deficiency tracking
      • Building Envelope Commissioning
      • Performance Testing of cladding systems to ensure compliance with specified standards

  • Forensic & Aviation Services
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Expert Testimony
    • Building Envelope Analysis
    • Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
  • Energy Performance & Optimization Services
    • Whole Building Energy Modeling
    • Building Envelope Thermal & Moisture Analysis
    • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Litigation Consulting Services
  • Other Services
    • Preventative Maintenance Programs
    • Facility Asset Management & Database

  • Testing Services
    • Flood testing of waterproofing
    • Wand/Nozzle testing
    • Water infiltration testing by static air pressure difference
    • Air leakage testing
    • Roof uplift testing per ASTM and FM standards
    • Adhesion of sealant joints
    • Thermal imaging
    • Air barrier testing
    • Emergency event response (storm, fire)
    • Re-creation and testing of failed assemblies
    • Failure analysis—structural
    • Failure analysis—water infiltration
    • Roof drain testing
    • Quality assurance
    • Lath and stucco investigation
    • Electronic Leak Detection (ELD)

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